07/29/2012 – Sunday is the Day for Prepping

30 Jul

What a crazy Sunday. I’m dead tired but I gotta keep moving and get things done. I can’t get behind on household chores and being prepared. When I’m not prepared I fail at eating cleanly. Even though I had a huge meal last night and didn’t stop eating until 11:30AM, I still ate breakfast. I was definitely feeling hungry at 8:30 already, so I made another hash.

I fried up two eggs…

And mixed it up with salmon and cauliflower cous cous.

We took both kids to the farmer’s market, and I bought a whole bunch of veggies, some beef bones for broth, ground beef, and Wild Coho Salmon. Once we got home, I started prepping and cutting up all the veggies. Seems like it took forever, and I didn’t eat lunch until 1:30.

Lunch was Sous Vide London Broil with more Cous Cous

Afterwards, I was still trying to prep and clean up the kitchen in between hanging out with the kids. We stepped outside again to visit hubby’s grandma and my parents. I totally forgot to eat my 3rd meal, and it was dinnertime already. So, I decided just to eat dinner. I broiled some salmon with chinese broccoli and more cous cous. Yes, it was a cous cous type of weekend. I made more too!

No more cheats, no more grazing. I’m staying on the plan and following it to the tee. This should be easy for me. I’m not sure why I’m having such a hard time this time around, and it’s not even as restricting as it was when I was on the other nutrition program. We’ll see how it goes!


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