08/01/2012 – Good Eats

2 Aug

July came and went, lots of birthdays and BBQs, and now we are in the last month of summer. Sigh! Time goes by way too fast. Here’s how I ate on my “high carb” day.

Once I got to work, I munched on my spinach egg white omelet with 4 ounces of Kabocha Squash and strawberries.

Last night I had made a ground beef thai stir fry inspired by Everyday Paleo. It was sooo good! So tasty and had a lot of spiciness from the Siracha. Now Siracha isn’t as clean as I would like it to be, but I didn’t use too much. I should try looking for a Siracha recipe that doesn’t have all that junk in it. Or if my Nom Nom Paleo friend could make one, that would be great. 😉

Before I ate my third meal and left work, I decided to go work on some heavy deadlifts. Ya, bad idea. I wasn’t really hungry afterwards, but once I got my hand on my food, I couldn’t stop eating. I basically combined my third and 4th meal together. It consisted of some veggies with london broil, then a packet of Steve’s Original Paleo Stix. Definitely not a good decision to go to heavy deadlifts if I don’t have a big meal planned afterwards. The only picture I took was of the Kimchee Cucumber that I got for the Korean Market.

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed the first of the month!


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