08/16/2012 – Good Eats

17 Aug

Today’s my virtual Friday, so I wanted to get into work early, walk on the treadmill for a bit and do work.

I did speed intervals at 9.0 mph for 8 rounds, 30 secs on 90 seconds off. Then I walked uphill the rest of the time until 45 minutes hit. I practiced double unders after and did my 56 push ups for the day. I’m glad I finished and was ready to get to work. I walked into the locker room and realized…I FORGOT MY FREAKIN’ SHOES! Argh. Wednesday I forgot my tennis shoes, today I forgot my shoe shoes! Dammit. So much for getting into work early. I showered, changed, and drove back home to get my sandals. Sigh. At least I finished my workout right?!

Here’s how I ate for the day.

Breakfast was egg whites plus 2 eggs covered in veggies.


Lunch was 4oz of rib eye steak with cabbage slaw.

I scarfed down my 3rd meal right before I left work to attend Lil’ Munchkin’s Luau at school. Salmon and green beans.


Dinner was a flank steak salad with 1/4 of an avocado.

Keepin’ it simple and easy today. Hopefully tomorrow and the weekend will be the same. 🙂


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