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Friday Before CrossFit Open 13.1

8 Mar

Aaaah today’s workout at CFPA totally looked like what I did on Wednesday…Rows with Push ups, and then deadlifts.


Pendely Rows(Every 3 Minutes): 53(5)-63(5)-73(5)-83(5)-83(5), Super setting with different style push ups.


:30 on :30 off for a total of 16 rounds

Deadlifts(55%-65%, I used 123#): 14,14,14,15,14,13,14,14 = 112

Double Unders:18,21,24,21,23,27,16,24 = 174

I was going to go heavier than 123# because 285 is my max. Tim said 123 was enough, probably because of tomorrow’s WOD. Good thing I listened, because during the 4th round, I asked him whether we were really going to finish all 8 rounds of deadlifts. LOL. But once we got to the 6th round, I felt a burst of energy to just finish it out, hoping that he would not cut it short. He didn’t, so that felt good that we all pushed through.

The double unders were all done with double, single, double, single. I just need to practice practice practice and work that wrist action.

Extras: Easy 2000m row, finished at 9:45.1. Goal was to just stay consistent and stay under 2:30 pace.

Time to rest, roll out, and mentally prepare for tomorrow’s WOD. Goal is to get 150 reps!!!! Let’s do this!

Hello Jello Legs

6 Mar

As I stand here after today’s workout, my thighs are screaming and want to be ripped out of my jeans. LOL. Yes, it was that good.

Before I go into what we did at CFPA today, let’s get into what I’ve been eating. Yesterday were rest day macros, and I started to feel hungry around 3-5pm. I didn’t eat anything because I didn’t really plan to have a snack. I just sucked it up and at this plate for dinner around 6.


After the workout this morning, I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry until 11. I made a big crab salad(12oz) with some spinach and bell peppers. I bought a small salad to go with my crab meat, and had a side of roasted potatoes.

It was a lot of food, and I haven’t finished it yet. Saving the rest of the crab salad for later.

In other news, it’s slowly ticking down to 5pm on the west coast, waiting for the CrossFit Open WOD to be announced. Of course, CrossFit headquarters has been using social media to get everyone excited. They even had a picture of a rower, barbell, and box to hint at the WOD. Sounds like Christine to me, but I doubt it. How are you going to weight everyone, get their BW, and make sure their deadlifts are their BW. OR, maybe they skip the BW part, and just go with set numbers. Who knows…we’ll see!

Onto today’s workout…


Front Squats(E3M) 83#(5)-103#(5)-113#(5)-123#(5)-133#(5)


1) 400 M Run – 1:35

2) 5 RFT: 10/10 DB Hang Snatch(45#/30#), 20 Air Squats – 8:58 RX’d

3) 400 M Run – 2:19


Deadlifts(5×8): 115#-165#-185#-185#-165#

3×10 Superset of Barbell Bent Row(65#) & Push Ups

Ya, that workout was brutal. The snatches were a bit awkward for me because I didn’t want to damage my neck any further. I could tell my shoulders weren’t opening up as much as they should of when I snatched the db back. The last run was just brutal.

Once I got to work to do deadlifts, I was exhausted. The deadlifts did not help my neck at all. I lowered the weight on the last set to be on the safe side, and it helped. I’m glad I got through the session.

My neck is doing better, just still very tight in the morning. I gotta remember to stretch and massage it as much as I can. I need to be in tip top shape for Saturday. 🙂

2013 CrossFit Open…Ready to Rumble!

4 Mar

Aaaww yeah, it’s that time of year again.  CrossFit Open is upon us.  I’m not an elite athlete by no means, and I don’t plan to be.  I just want to have some sort of fun with my CFPA crew and see how far I’ve grown within the past year.  Of course, my weight is a bit heavier than last year(I’m still dealing with this!), but I definitely feel stronger than last year.  We did a couple Crossfit Open WODs from last year, and I’m proud to say that I PR’d all of them.  🙂

As for as health and diet, I feel fluffy, and I’m taking control of this fluffiness TODAY!  Got new macros that I will stick to, and I will feel light by the end of the month. 🙂

Here’s the video that CrossFit released yesterday!  Good times ahead!

I think I need more accountability so I’m going to try to go back to basics and blog as much as possible. Starting with today’s workout, and my food! Gawd, I know, more food pics. Hey, that’s the only way I think I can stay on top of a good healthy diet, and not get sucked into food that I know I shouldn’t have.


Snatch Progression, Position 1:


2 Rounds For Time
Power Cleans(135#/95#)
Box Jumps(24/20″)

Result: 11:45 RX’d


5×8 Back Squat: 95-115-135-135-135
Superset of the following: Russian Swing(3×10, Used 16kg), Pull Ups(3×5, used Blue band)
Tabata Row

Okay, so I strained my neck on Thursday practicing OHS (just the bar). So I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Woke up this morning still not feeling great, but I figured I need to get moving. The workout could of been better had I eaten better over the weekend. Another reason why eating bad is not good for me. Monday’s just suck, and I could definitely feel it in my tummy.

The extra training session felt good, but my neck was really aching. I was planning on doing the 24kg for the swings and no band for the pull ups, but when I tried the swing with the 16kg, my neck was strained already aching. I kept the weight at where it was, and just got it done.

Tom(this guy that trains people at work), did some voodoo magic on my neck, because right now, I feel perfectly fine. LOL. I can’t get hurt anymore. Just another reminder to stretch and do more mobility work.

Alrighty, this post was way longer than I wanted it to be. Have a great week everyone!