2013 CrossFit Open…Ready to Rumble!

4 Mar

Aaaww yeah, it’s that time of year again.  CrossFit Open is upon us.  I’m not an elite athlete by no means, and I don’t plan to be.  I just want to have some sort of fun with my CFPA crew and see how far I’ve grown within the past year.  Of course, my weight is a bit heavier than last year(I’m still dealing with this!), but I definitely feel stronger than last year.  We did a couple Crossfit Open WODs from last year, and I’m proud to say that I PR’d all of them.  🙂

As for as health and diet, I feel fluffy, and I’m taking control of this fluffiness TODAY!  Got new macros that I will stick to, and I will feel light by the end of the month. 🙂

Here’s the video that CrossFit released yesterday!  Good times ahead!

I think I need more accountability so I’m going to try to go back to basics and blog as much as possible. Starting with today’s workout, and my food! Gawd, I know, more food pics. Hey, that’s the only way I think I can stay on top of a good healthy diet, and not get sucked into food that I know I shouldn’t have.


Snatch Progression, Position 1:


2 Rounds For Time
Power Cleans(135#/95#)
Box Jumps(24/20″)

Result: 11:45 RX’d


5×8 Back Squat: 95-115-135-135-135
Superset of the following: Russian Swing(3×10, Used 16kg), Pull Ups(3×5, used Blue band)
Tabata Row

Okay, so I strained my neck on Thursday practicing OHS (just the bar). So I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Woke up this morning still not feeling great, but I figured I need to get moving. The workout could of been better had I eaten better over the weekend. Another reason why eating bad is not good for me. Monday’s just suck, and I could definitely feel it in my tummy.

The extra training session felt good, but my neck was really aching. I was planning on doing the 24kg for the swings and no band for the pull ups, but when I tried the swing with the 16kg, my neck was strained already aching. I kept the weight at where it was, and just got it done.

Tom(this guy that trains people at work), did some voodoo magic on my neck, because right now, I feel perfectly fine. LOL. I can’t get hurt anymore. Just another reminder to stretch and do more mobility work.

Alrighty, this post was way longer than I wanted it to be. Have a great week everyone!


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