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02/3/2012 – Handstand Push Ups and a “Cardio” WOD

3 Feb

Today we worked on our Handstand Push Ups again. Jackie and I used the blue on blue band for two sets of 5. Then we moved over to the wall. I got 3 one time, then the other two sets were only 2. Gotta work on these.


For Time:

  • 100 Air Squats
  • 1000m Row
  • 800m Run
  • The squats were easy, just need to be faster. Tried to push through as hard as I could with the row, but just not fast enough. My legs were burning for the 800m run. Thought I could make it back to get under 11 minutes. Nope, not close. My body was just yelling at me, telling me to stop. Mind over matter right?

    Result: 11:25 RX’d


    1/25/2012 – A Change In CFPA’s Regularly Scheduled Programming

    26 Jan

    I came into CFPA today expecting to work on Pistols, but Tim changed it up a bit and wrote a WOD on the board. Just great…

    3 Rounds, 6 minutes per round

  • Run 400m, then AMRAP of the following:
  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 9 KB Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • 13 Air Squats
  • Rest 1 minute
  • I thought I ran pretty fast for the first 400m and was able to knock off 4 rounds and 3 pull ups. Once the first round was done, my running speed was not the same as the first round. After the second round, I ended up with 7 rounds and 4 pull ups. During the third round, I had to break up the pull ups which was stupid, but my arms felt like they were going to fall off. This was definitely a good one though, but I felt like my food was going to come flying out of my mouth at any moment. LOL. We’ll see if this continues to happen.

    Result: 9 rounds + 14 reps RX’d

    01/06/2012 – Friday’s Chipper WOD

    9 Jan

    This week was one of the toughest weeks ever for me, and its the only week 1 in 2012! I battled a cold, two kids being sick, trying to eat right because everyone else is doing it, and hitting the gym. Not to mention, I’m crazy busy at work. Thank god we are going to Maui next week. I need to shut down for a bit and relax.

    I got to the gym this morning sort of excited to see what Tim had in store for us, but I’m not sure my body was as excited as my mind. Here’s what we got handed to us after the warm-up.

    For Time:

  • 100 Air Squats
  • 80 KB Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • 60 Overhead Lunges(45#/35#)
  • 40 Toes To Bar
  • 20 Headless Horsemen(24kg/16kg)
  • We last did the headless horseman during the workout called Hallowbata. You basically one hand and swing the kettlebell into the opposite hand. Then push jerk the bell up, using your leg strength. Of course, there needs to be some arm strength there too. I could not do it with 16kg after all those different movements, so I used 12kg. Other than that, everything else was RX’ed. The air squats flew by, and I was hoping to reach 75 without stopping, but I took a quick break at the 60something rep. The kb swings weren’t too bad, but my shoulders were so tight, that it seemed like the 80 reps took forever. The lunges were agonizing. I knew I would take the longest on the toes to bar. My reps broke down to 3, but they were all good reps so I can’t complain.

    Result: 20:18

    Christmas/New Year Week Recap 2011

    31 Dec

    It was such a fun but busy week. I enjoyed good eats and had a great time spending my days with family and friends. Too bad I had to think about going to work when no one was around. Even though I’m enjoying the holidays a little too much, I’m still getting my workouts in, including two big ones.

    Onto my workouts for the past week!

    Whitten…5 Rounds For Time

  • 22 Wall Balls
  • 22 Burpees
  • 400m Run
  • 22 KB Swings(32kg/24kg)
  • 22 Box Jump(20″)
  • Last year when I did Whitten, I was about 9 weeks pregnant. I was excited to do this again, even though it’s one crazy ass workout. I’ve been getting better at my wall balls, but still can’t reach the 10 ft target the entire time. It’s amazing to see guys and girls reach that target consistently. One of my goals for next year is to really get my bodyweight movements in check. That means that the range of motion is legit and it is consistent. Carm and I used the 20Kg bell for this WOD. I tried the 24kg during the warmup and knew I would not be able to last with it for all 5 rounds.

    Whitten wasn’t as agonizing as I remembered it, and I can honestly say I can’t wait to tackle it again, and hopefully get a better time.

    Result: 48:24…Last year I did it in 49:53


    Deadlifts- 153#(3)-183#(3)-203#(3)-233#(1)-243#(1)

    The 243 was ugly and very lopsided. Just sayin’. 253 was my previous PR, so I got a lot of work to do to get to 300!

    3 Rounds For Time

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 25 Air Squats
  • 15 Pull Ups
  • Result- 10:51 RX’d

    I knew I wasn’t going to CFPA on Wednesday, so I worked on Overhead Squats and Bench Press. I forgot to record my numbers.



  • 1 Mile Run
  • 100 Pull Ups
  • 200 Push Ups
  • 300 Squats
  • 1 Mile Run
  • When I woke up this morning, knees still felt achy and I had a sore throat and runny nose. My body was either telling me that I should back out of Murph, or that I needed a good workout to whip it back into shape. My last real workout was on Tuesday, so I essentially had 3 days off. I had a great time though, and definitely glad I didn’t miss out on the fun. The first mile was good. I’m not quite sure what time I actually finished it in. I think I was close to 9 minutes. The next 20 rounds of Cindy were long, I just had to get through it. I notice now in the pictures that I need to keep my body more rigid when doing squats and arms shouldn’t be flying everywhere. The push ups were the hardest, always are! The last miler was killer! I was running at a snails pace for the first 800m. I speed up a little bit later, but it wasn’t by much. I was tired, my side was achy, and I just wanted to stop. I sprinted the last 100m, and made it in. 🙂 So happy that I finished with everyone!! Good Times.

    Result: 44:47…Last time we did Murph was on Memorial Day.

    What a great way to close out the year! I mainly crossfitted while pregnant throughout 2011, and a bit jealous of everyone’s achievements. I’m hoping to gain some strength and speed next year, without having baby weight. I’ve also learned so much about eating clean and healthy. I may indulge or binge here and there, but I know it’s not the norm for me, and that is a tremendous achievement in my eyes. From my family to yours, wishing everyone a healthy and fit 2012! Happy New Year!

    12/12/2011 – Deadlifts and Good Eats

    13 Dec

    I’m definitely glad I was able to make it to CrossFit at 5AM! Yes, after a “wild” night out, who would of thought I would still have the energy to work on some Deadlifts. New strength cycle, and the goal is to push it every single time!!! Make it difficult and make the workout count!

    Deadlifts: 123#(5)-163#(5)-183#(5)-203#(3)-213#(3)

    The last time we worked on deadlifts was in October, and I know that this cycle I can get way more! Maybe even back to my PR. I’m very happy with how I did yesterday. The last round felt difficult, and I probably didn’t have perfect form, but I was still able to do it!

    Onto the WOD…

    For Time:

  • 500m Row
  • 50 Air Squats
  • 40 Games Push Ups
  • 30 Kettlebell Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 10 Toes to bar

  • Result: 9:43 RX’d
    I felt good on the row, but right when I hoped off, my quads were on fire. The squats didn’t go as fast as I would like. I really need to work on getting fast on the air squats. I think that would help my time tremendously with Cindy and Murph. Games push ups were difficult like always, and I broke up the kettlebell swings. It felt like it took me forever to finish the pull ups, but I got them over with. And toes to bar were a drag. BUT, I LOVED THE WORKOUT. So glad I was able to come in and get something done on a Monday morning.

    Have a good week people! DO WORK!

    I ate almost perfect until last night when I pulled out some dark chocolate with caramel. Of course the caramel is made of crap and the dark chocolate was only 70%. This is why I should buy these things. Having the chocolate in the house is DANGEROUS!!!

    10/19/2011 – Wednesday’s Deadlift & 1/2 Cindy

    21 Oct

    This will be a quick recap of what we did on Wednesday since I’m way behind of recording my achievements.

    Strength Skill –

    Deadlifts: 123#(5)-153#(5)-173#(3)-193#(3)-203#(1)-203#(1)

    This is no where near my PR of 240(I think), but I’ll take it. The 203 lift felt pretty heavy for me, and form wasn’t great, so I did it again.

    Metcon – 1/2 Cindy

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Air Squats
  • The push ups were the hardest part and they were the culprit in making me miss my 10 round goal.

    Result: 9 rounds + 29 reps..BLAH!!!

    Recap of Friday(09/30) and Monday’s Workout(10/3)

    5 Oct

    Yes, I’m behind on blogging, and I’m not even sure if I can remember what we did, but I’ll try.

    I didn’t d0 much with weighted pull-ups, even though I felt stronger doing them. My upper body was pretty jacked from Wednesday’s workout. The WOD that Tim posted was one that Henry and I did at the garage gym last July.

    3 rounds with 1 minute rest
    AMRAP of the following:

  • 3 Power cleans
  • 6 Push Ups
  • 9 Air Squats
  • Result:12 rounds + 4 reps

    On Monday, we started the week with long metcons. However, what Tim had in store for us wasn’t really that long. BUT, it sure did reck us!

  • Row 500m, get best time!
  • Row 500m, get best time!
  • Row 500m, get best time!
  • For every sec that differentiates the best and worst time, do 3 burpees…AAAH!

    I was trying to go for under 2 minutes during the first try. I got 2:01.1. I failed miserably during the second round with a pathetic time of 2:17.1. For the third round, I pushed myself so that I would get a better time than the second, and ended up with 2:14.5.


    48 freakin’ burpees I had to do when my quads were already on fire. It took me awhile, but I finished. When. Get back to work, I’ll be practicing on the rower quite a bit.