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15 Jan

Howdy!  Day 14 of Whole30 and still going strong.  I’m trying to stay within macro limits as well.  It’s easy on the weekdays because the day just zooms by, but when the weekend comes and we are left just hanging out, I tend to think about food too much and graze.  Then I have to adjust my macros to make it all fit.  Anyways, fit girl problems right?!  Onto more important things, like PR-ing FGB!

Fight Gone Bad

  • 3 Rounds, As Many Reps as Possible, 1 Minute at each station
  • Wall Balls(20#/14#) to 10′ Target
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pulls(75#/55#)
  • Box Jumps 20″
  • Push Pres(75#/55#)
  • Calorie Row
  • 1 Minute Rest

I wasn’t expecting this WOD today.  With some back pain, I’m glad it wasn’t deadlifts or anything like that.  For warm-up we practiced walking up and down the wall into a handstand, trying to get as vertical as possible.  I had some trouble with coordination, but it definitely helped warm up the shoulders.

By the time we got ready for the WOD, I decided to start on Wall Balls.  Why not right?  Start with my nemesis and get it over with.  I got 17 wall balls consecutively with good form on the first round.  I ended up with 21, so that definitely put a smile on my face.  Of course, I was gassed in the next round and only got 12 or 13.  All the other stations felt good except for SDHP.  I could feel the bar drifting away from me.  Definitely due to exhaustion.  Push presses felt light and fast.  They burned, but I definitely tried to not put the bar down within that minute.

Take away from this WOD…Must learn how to keep good form while under extreme exhaustion.  I don’t know how the elite’s do it, but they do it, so it can be done.

Score: 226 RX’d…12 reps more than last January.

I got to work and did some back squat reps, 2 sets of chin ups, and goblet squats. Back squats were 95#(5)-115#(5)-125#(3)-145#(2)-155#(1). I guess 155# is a new PR, since I’ve never done 1 rep max back squats. At least I know I’ll get that at the competition. I BETTER GET THAT!

08/01/2012 – Overhead Squats

2 Aug

Pretty scary how I can predetermine what Tim is planning for our workout. Walking into the gym, I was wondering to myself what our Wednesday skill work would be for the next 3 weeks. I guessed Overhead Squats knowing that we haven’t done these since who knows when and my range of motion with my shoulder was still not 100%. And what does Tim announce…OHS of course!

The problem that I am having is that when I do sox press with a PVC pipe, my right shoulder just feels tight. How am I suppose to hold a heavy bar up over my head when I can’t even hold a PVC pipe and get through 10 sox press. Tim told me to go light.

Overhead Squats: 63#(5)-73#(5)-73#(5)-83#(5)-93#(3)

As the bar got onto my shoulder, everything felt light, even the 93#. Push pressing the bar up wasn’t the problem either. Doing the squat wasn’t even the problem. Getting the bar back onto my shoulder after doing the squat…THAT WAS THE PROBLEM. I ended up letting the 93# bar fall to the ground instead of letting the bar fall back onto my shoulder. I think it’s sort of mental on my part, bent just the bend in the arms makes my shoulder feel a little tight.

Here was our WOD:

For Time:

  • 500m Row
  • 21 Push Ups
  • 21 Box Jumps(20″)
  • 400m Row
  • 15 Push Ups
  • 15 Box Jumps(20″)
  • 300m Row
  • 9 Push Ups
  • 9 Box Jumps(20″)
  • 200m Row
  • 6 Push Ups
  • 6 Box Jumps(20″)
  • 100m Row
  • 3 Push Ups
  • 3 Box Jumps(20″)
  • I started to hang on the bar to practice a kipping pull up. My right shoulder felt really tight and awkward. Was I not warmed up enough? BLEH! Tim suggested ring dips. UGH! For all the pull ups, I did ring dips. The first 500m row I felt really good, until I stepped off and had to do ring dips. I could only get 3 or 4 at a time with good form. The next 400m row was the worst. It took longer for me to row 400m then it took me to row 500m. That’s how bad it was. Everything was downhill from there though.

    Result: 15:28

    In the afternoon, I wanted to go practice heavy deadlifts. I was doing 3×5 rep scheme.


    If my shoulder doesn’t feel better after our short vacation next week, I’m going to see a doc.

    06/27/2012 – KB Clean and Press

    28 Jun

    We learned a new movement today at CFPA. It was awkward for me because of the clean. I was always shrugging my shoulder to get the kettlebell up to my arm pit. I’ll practice more this weekend.

    Kettlebell Clean & Press: 5(8#)-5(12kg)-5(12kg)-5(12kg)

    Our WOD was suppose to be a quick one. I went super light on the hang snatches because my elbow was still feeling weird. It’s a dull pain that flares up sometimes. These movements didn’t help it, especially the chest to bar pull ups. I was able to get through them, one rep at a time. LOL.

    3 Rounds For Time:

  • 10 Hang Snatches(135#/95#)
  • 15 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
  • 20 Box Jumps(24″)
  • Result: 12:29, used 53#

    I got to the work gym and worked on front squats.

    Front Squat –

  • Warmup Sets: 45#-65#-85#-95#
  • Working Sets: 100#(8)-95#(10)-85#(14)
  • The warmup sets were all reps of 5 or more. I’m hoping these front squats will help me be able to power clean and thrust more. Good workout day!

    Day 6 of 100 Day Push Up Challenge done!

    06/22/2012 – Shoulder Press and 11.2 WOD

    23 Jun

    Tim went on vacation for the weekend, so Trish was our coach. It’s always great to have someone new coach you because you do different things. She’s one tough cookie, but I love it.

    I paired up with Jackie today for our last week of Shoulder Press. Here’s how it went.

    Press: 33#(5)-53#(5)-63#(5)-73#(3)-78#(3)-84.5#(1)-86.5#(1)-88#(1)

    Now, that’s a personal record for me. Almost close to 90! 🙂

    Our WOD was 11.2 from the 2011 CrossFit Games.

    AMRAP in 15 minutes:

  • 9 Deadlifts(155/100)
  • 12 Games Push ups
  • 15 Box Jumps
  • Result: 7 Rounds + 31 Reps

    This felt like the longest 15 minutes ever. When Trish yelled out that we were only half way, I could of died. I just wanted to keep moving and try not to stop. My back was all over the place with the deadlifts and now I am feeling it in my right shoulder/neck area. Maybe it’s from the press, but I doubt it. It was hard for me to break the bar and keep my shoulders from arching forward.

    Goal now is to roll out my lats and practice deadlifts at light weight with good form.

    BTW, looks like Fitbomb, Trish, and I are doing 100 day push up challenge starting today. Looks like my push ups will be perfect by September. I marked my alarm already, so I’m ready to go.

    Holy batman, I’m sore, bruised, and hurt EVERYWHERE. What a great week.

    06/11/2012 – Workout Recaps

    12 Jun

    I haven’t been blogging consistently because I’ve been busy with other stuff. Here’s a recap of what I did last Wednesday, Friday, and yesterday at CrossFit.


    Bear Complex – Finished at 73#

    I love the bear complex workout, and I should of fought harder for the 83# weight. I finished the 83# at 6 reps. I had one more to go and couldn’t get it. The hardest part was the back squat to push press, then cleaning again. It’s that moment when I’m telling myself I could get one more, but my body is telling me NOOO! LOL. I tried again at 83# but could only get 4 reps. I decided to rest and finish the last last 3 reps even though I know it wouldn’t count.


    Press – 53#(3)-63#(3)-73#(3)-78#(3)-80#(1)-83#(1)

    3 Rounds for Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 15 Box Jumps 24″
  • 15 Pull Ups
  • Result: I forgot!!

    I knew I had to go fast with the WOD. I didn’t do it RX’d because the box jumps were 24″. I felt sluggish and tired. Probably because of all the crap I was eating this past week.


    Snatches: 63#(5)-73#(3)-73#(3)-75#(3)

    5 Rounds For Time:

  • 5R/5L Kettlebell Snatches(24kg/16kg)
  • 10 Goblet Squats
  • 10 Burpees
  • Results: 8:53 RX’d

    Bench Press: 80#(8)-75#(12)-70#(14), 40 GHD Situps

    I was not feeling the snatches today. I’m going to stick at 73# until I know I can snatch with good form CONSISTENTLY. The WOD was fun. I love KB workouts, so this was right up my ally. I still need to use the hips more. I got to work and did a set of bench presses. I went lighter this week with slightly higher reps because I haven’t done bench in a couple of weeks. I did 40 GHD situps, 20 before the bench and 20 after. I wonder if I’ll feel anything tomorrow. 😉

    I hope everyone is still working out and eating healthy. I definitely haven’t been eating well, but I’m back at it now, and ready to stop abusing my body. It’s been through hell this past week and a half, and I can’t totally feel it and see it. I took pics yesterday and they were not pretty. It’s okay though, I’m not going to dwell on it. I made a conscious decision to eat whatever I want whenever I wanted, so I’m not going to feel guilty about it. Another journey begins to get stronger and leaner!!

    05/18/2012 – Friday’s Workout

    21 May

    Friday’s workout was fun. We got to tumble around and work on our Gymnastics. I can say that I’m getting better at swaying myself up into a handstand push up, but I can’t get the hollow out part yet. Tim suggested I work in some GHDs to get the abs stronger. I might just do that, just as long as I don’t stay sore for 3 or 4 days. Those GHD machines are killer.

    Our WOD:

    10->1 of the following:

  • Sumo Deadlift High Pulls(95/65)
  • Push Ups
  • Box Jumps(20″)
  • Result: 7:09 RX’d

    This WOD was meant to be fast. The push ups felt great. I went chest to deck on every single one of them. Hopefully that will help when we do Murph on Memorial Day. The sumos and box jumps were alright. I need to transition faster between each box jump to gain more speed. This WOD was a great way to start the weekend.

    04/26/2012 – Pull Ups, Christine, and Bench Press

    26 Apr

    Another good day at CrossFit Palo Alto. The Five Tribe is dwindling a bit. We had about 8 people show up to class today. Where is everyone?!?!

    Today we worked on pull ups for the last time in this cycle. Here were my loads:

    Pull Ups: BW(5) – BW+12#(3) – BW+15#(3) – BW+20#(1) – BW+25#(1)

    I should of made a bigger jump with the dumbbell, but on the 15#x3 I felt a bit weak. Nonetheless, 25# felt good. I wanted to do 30#, but ran out of time. You kidding me, I saw our WOD on the whiteboard and decided to save my energy. LOL

    Last time we did Christine was in 2010! So long ago! I got 14:01 but never wrote down the weight that I used.

    Christine, 3RFT:

  • 500m Row
  • 12 Deadlifts(BW-113#)
  • 21 Box Jumps
  • This WOD looks easy on paper, but once you step off of the rower and start deadlifting, you sure feel those hammies. Then onto box jumps?! No rapid fire for me. For the rower, I noticed that if I hold the lever at my chest for a full second, I’ll keep the same average without jumping all over the place. I rowed at consistent 2:15 average on my 3rd round, and I actually counted in my head “1 sec”. Of course, the second round of rowing was the worse. I was all over the place, and of course not fast enough. Nonetheless, I was able to do the workout in under 15 minutes.

    Result: 12:56 RX’d

    Once I got to work, I quickly did my bench press. Bench press is usually for Fridays, but I plan on doing a long run(5.5 miles) tomorrow, so I don’t want my legs to be too tired. I warmed up with dumb bell bench presses at 40#, 50#, 60#. I used the dumbbell bench press at first because my coworker was using the squat rack. Once he finished, I was ready to get onto the bar and rip out my sets RPT style.

    85#(6) – 75#(10) – 65#(14)

    There’s a definite improvement from last week. I went to failure with the 85#, and felt my back coming off the bench a bit. I don’t think that’s a good thing.

    Anyways, good workouts all around. Hope you are doing something active today! Get out and enjoy the sun while you can.

    04/11/2012 – Wednesday’s Workout

    11 Apr

    I woke up ready to get to work at CFPA. I was expecting us to do a long WOD, but we worked on Pull ups today. Guess the long WOD will be on Friday…

    Pull Ups: BW#(5) – BW+6#(3) – BW+12#(3) – BW+15#(1) – BW+20#(1)

    Everything felt really good. Once I got to the 20# dumbbell, it was a challenge, but I was able to get over the bar. Yes, I’m a happy camper. Next time, I’ll be warming up with BW, and then starting the 5 reps with BW+6. In between each pull up set, we all practiced our push ups. Good stuff!

    Here’s our WOD:

    For Time:

  • 21 Box Jumps(24″/20″)
  • 21 Kettlebell SHDP(32kg/24kg)
  • 21 Kettlebell Swing-Catch-Squat
  • 15 Box Jumps(24″/20″)
  • 15 Kettlebell SHDP(32kg/24kg)
  • 15 Kettlebell Swing-Catch-Squat
  • 9 Box Jumps(24″/20″)
  • 9 Kettlebell SHDP(32kg/24kg)
  • 9 Kettlebell Swing-Catch-Squat
  • I decided to go with the 20kg bell because I wasn’t sure what the Kettlebell Swing-Catch-Squat was all about. When Tim demonstrated it, the first thing I thought was that I was going to get smacked by the bell as I swung it towards my body. My coordination is not that great, so I was being cautious. Turns out the 20kg bell was good enough. The swing-catch-squat means to swing the kettlebell around and catch it, so that the handle is facing away from your chest. Once you’ve caught the kettlebell, you squat like a goblet squat. I practiced a few and sort of had a handle on it. I’m loving all the new movements that we are seeing at CFPA. Fun and interesting stuff!

    Result: 8:43 w/ 20kg bell

    Side workout: I went downstairs around 1:30 to do an uphill walk for 25 minutes. I was starving afterwards!!

    03/19/2012 – Monday’s Workout

    20 Mar

    Today we worked on our strength skill, the single legged deadlift. Here were my loads:

    Single Legged Deadlift: 65#(5)-83#(3)-93#(3)-103#(1)

    I’m still not reaching my goal with these. When my left foot is planted I feel strong, but when my right foot is planted, I feel as though I can’t hold my core tight or even keep a straight back. It just feels awkward. Hopefully I can get to 113 or 118 next week. That would be my goal.

    Loved our WOD today.

    2 Rounds For Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 20 Ground to Overhead(75#/55#)
  • 15 Box Jumps
  • 10 Toes To Bar
  • I went through the 1st round unbroken. I did the ground to overhead with cleans and jerks, similar to Grace. Box jumps were a little slow, but they felt familiar. Once I got to the second round of cleans, I broke them up into 10-6-4. I should of just tried my hardest to get through all of them, maybe up to 15. The weight was light enough. I broke the toes to bar up in 2 sets of 5. I’m glad I got barely under 10.

    Result: 9:55 RX’d

    03/10/2012 – CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.3

    10 Mar

    CrossFit Open WOD 12.3 was insane! 18 minutes of torture, but I loved every single minute of it. Call me insane, but I love CrossFit!! Not only that, I love how CrossFit brings people together, pushing each other to do things that we may have not thought possible. Yes, I’m still drinking the Kool-Aid.

    18 Minute AMRAP:

  • 15 Box Jumps(24″/20″)
  • 12 Should to Overhead(115#/75#)
  • 9 Toes to Bar
  • The most helpful video for me this week was Fletcher Fitness’s Mental Performance Strategies. If you haven’t watched her videos or read her articles, you better get on it. I find her tips to be really helpful especially when you are anxious and nerves come into play. There has to be a game plan, and my game plan was to stay focused at each station, and get a good rhythm. I didn’t want to rush through everything and not be able to move during the last 5 minutes. Although the last 5 minutes was torture. As I was finishing up, all I could think about was the presses. They were getting hard, and I was resting longer and longer. I just wanted to finish them. Time was running out. If I had more energy and had good technique with the toes to bar, then I would of finished my 7th round. But, I got close, and I’m pretty happy about it. 🙂

    Result: 6 Rounds + 30 reps(246 Total Reps)