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10/25/2011 – Wednesday’s Workout

26 Oct

I’ve been up since 3AM!! Lil’ AMRAP got up and I finally was able to settle him down. I went downstairs to try to get some more shut eye before having to leave the house at 4:30. Very close to not waking up and missing class.

It’s our last week of this strength cycle, and today was Deadlift day.

Deadlift: 95#(5)-133#(3)-163#(3)-193#(1)-203#(1)-213#(1)

These lifts still feel pretty heavy, and I haven’t reached my PR number yet. I am about 40# off. 😦 A little disappointed, but hopefully I can get back there soon.

Onto our WOD:

3 Rounds For Time

  • 30 KB Transfer Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • 10 Plyo-Plate Push Ups
  • Broad Jumps to Planter Box, then finish the 240m run
  • This was a fun WOD, and I was trying to not break whenever I did the transfer swings. BUT on the last round I did break at 15. The broad jumps were the difficult part, and my distance was getting shorter and shorter every time. I liked this workout though. Always good to get creative and try different types of met-con movements.

    Result: 9:02 RX’d