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08/17/2012 – Friday’s Workout

18 Aug

Today was Handstand Push Up day. We also got to practice with the rope. I actually just practiced moving up and down the rope and then tried to climb the rope. I was able to get up, but using my upper body only. Ya, not the most efficient, but I think I have to get over the height thing first.

My HSPU suck. I could not get 1 for the life of me. After a couple tries, I realized I was hollowing my back enough. That made all the difference, and I was able to get a few.

Our WOD:

AMRAP 6:00 of the following

  • 200m Row
  • 10 Left Side/10 Right Side Dumbbell Push Press(45#/30#)
  • Rest 1:00
  • AMRAP 6:00 of the following

  • 1 Burpee
  • 1 Pull Up
  • 2 Burpees
  • 2 Pull Ups
  • 3 Burpees
  • 3 Pull Ups
  • and so on!
  • I decided to do the row and dumbbell press first because I was going RX and I knew it would be the hardest. I was right. I only got 2 rounds plus 16 reps. For the burpees and pull ups, I had to just keep moving, and not break up the pull ups. I did all the pull ups unbroken, but the burpees felt so slow. The first 4 or 5 rounds were good. Once I got to 6 and 7 rounds, it just took FOR-EVA! I got to the 9th round of burpees and 2 pull ups.

    Total Reps: 139 RX’d

    08/08/2012 – OHS PR and 100 Burpees

    8 Aug

    Yup, that’s what I did today. Overhead Squats and a cardio blast of 100 burpees.

    Here’s how the OHS went…

    Overhead Squats: 73#(3)-83#(3)-93#(3)-100#(1)-108#(1)

    Everything felt good. As long as I can push press the bar over my head, I can do the squat.

    Today’s WOD was simple…

    100 Burpees, 9:20!

    Day 48 of 100 Day Push Up Challenge done!

    08/03/2012 – Handstand Push Ups

    4 Aug

    So for the next 3 Fridays, we’ll be working on our Handstand Push Ups. With my right shoulder bothering me, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do them. I just practiced and got 3 in a row. I used the jet pack for some reps just so I could get reps in. Yet another thing to get better at.

    Here was our WOD:

    AMRAP 10 Minutes:

  • 5 Thrusters(135#/95#)
  • 10 Toes To Bar
  • 5 Barbell Burpees
  • I loaded 83# on the bar, and that was plenty. The shoulder wasn’t really bothering me with the thrusters. It was when we did the toes to bar that I felt myself cringing. Ya, no more hanging from bars until I get my mobility back.

    Result: 4 rounds + 18 reps

    Day 43 of the 100 Day Push Up Challenge done!

    07/30/2012 – New Cycle at CFPA

    31 Jul

    YAY, we start a new cycle today at CFPA and guess what we did as strength. Power Cleans! I was practicing them a bit on Saturday after my workout. Just a couple sets. So, I felt good getting into the groove of things. Of course, Tim pointed out that the bar is flying way ahead of me, and I need to keep it close. Another thing I’m trying to focus on is keeping my arms straight. No bend in the elbows as I’m pulling the weight up.

    Power Cleans: 63#(5)-63#(5)-73#(5)-83#(5)-93#(3)-98#(3)-103#(3)

    All the sets felt really good. Maybe I could of gone heavier, but I wanted to focus on form. Next time I will warm up with 75 pounds. Once I get warm up sets up in weight, I know I can reach PRs. My PR is 118#.

    Here’s our WOD:

    For Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 15 Burpees
  • 30 Kettlebell Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • 45 Wall Balls(20#/14#)
  • 30 Kettlebell Swings
  • 15 Burpees
  • 400m Run
  • I started with the 14# medicine ball, but after a couple reps in Tim gave me a 12# ball. Goal was to string them together and hit the 10 ft target. Ya, still couldn’t string them together as fast as I could. I was doing 3 at a time. I need to find a good rhythm and be in control of the ball. I can’t let the ball dominate me. LOL. Funny that we did Kettlebell Swings today considering I did 30 on the minute on Saturday. I had to break the last 30 kettlebell swings into two sets.

    Result: 12:41 using 12# medicine ball.

    At work, I did some quick bench press sets. 95#(6)-90#(8)-85#(10). Pretty much to failure with 2-3 minutes in between each set.

    Day 39 of 100 Day Push Up Challenge done!

    07/23/2012 – Good Eats

    24 Jul

    What a day. I’m freakin’ pooped and I couldn’t wake up to get to CFPA. I ended up just lifting at work and doing a 15 Minute KB AMRAP workout.

    15 Minute AMRAP

  • 10 Goblet Squats(16kg)
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Two Handed Swings(Russian Swings)
  • 10 KB Bent Over Rows(12kg)
  • Result: 6 Rounds

    Getting on the straight on narrow took a little bit of work, but I made it through. Especially since my Nutrition Coach sent me my new eating plan. Looks like I’ll be adding in more carbs one day a week to see how my body reacts. Then it’ll go to 3 days a week(strength days). 🙂

    After my workout, I had some chicken thighs, sweet potato, bok choy and kale, and blueberries.



    For lunch I had leftover salmon and bok choy. I also ate two more pieces of chicken thigh.

    My third meal was leftover roasted pork from the party and more kale. I added in a sweet potato because I didn’t have beans during lunch.


    I forgot to take a pic of dinner, but it was more chicken thighs with veggies.

    07/09/2012 – CFPA Closes for CrossFit Games Week

    10 Jul

    Aaaah, The 2012 CrossFit Games week is upon us! I wish I was going next weekend, but plans changed. Next year, for sure! It’s gonna be madness at The Home Depot Center, but fun madness. So jealous of everyone going. I’ll be watching it on ESPN as much as I can.

    Since today was the last day of workouts for us until next Wednesday, I had to get my butt out of bed at 4:30 and get a good workout in. Today we worked on Pistols.

    Pistols: 5(BW)-5(12kg)-3(16kg)-3(16kg)-1(24kg)

    My pistols are strong when my right leg is extended. I had trouble stringing together the 16kg with my left leg extended. I lose balance. These things I can practice. Practice practice practice.

    Here’s our WOD:

    12 Minute AMRAP:

  • 3 Deadlifts(315/225#) Used 185#
  • 9 Bar Hop Burpees
  • 18 Double Unders
  • Result: 6 Rounds + 6 Reps

    Let’s just say this was a great send off. I tried to keep my form as perfect as possible, but as I got tired, it was hard to keep my abs tight while I pulled. Again, with burpees and double unders, you just have to keep moving. I’m happy with my score.

    Tim told me to rest and recover this week, and I think I will do that. I don’t plan on lifting on Wednesday, I’ll get some Yoga in on Thursday, and then do a lifting session(no WOD) on Friday. Plus, I’m going to sleep in a bit!! YAY!

    Day 18 of Push Up Challenge done.

    06/11/2012 – Workout Recaps

    12 Jun

    I haven’t been blogging consistently because I’ve been busy with other stuff. Here’s a recap of what I did last Wednesday, Friday, and yesterday at CrossFit.


    Bear Complex – Finished at 73#

    I love the bear complex workout, and I should of fought harder for the 83# weight. I finished the 83# at 6 reps. I had one more to go and couldn’t get it. The hardest part was the back squat to push press, then cleaning again. It’s that moment when I’m telling myself I could get one more, but my body is telling me NOOO! LOL. I tried again at 83# but could only get 4 reps. I decided to rest and finish the last last 3 reps even though I know it wouldn’t count.


    Press – 53#(3)-63#(3)-73#(3)-78#(3)-80#(1)-83#(1)

    3 Rounds for Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 15 Box Jumps 24″
  • 15 Pull Ups
  • Result: I forgot!!

    I knew I had to go fast with the WOD. I didn’t do it RX’d because the box jumps were 24″. I felt sluggish and tired. Probably because of all the crap I was eating this past week.


    Snatches: 63#(5)-73#(3)-73#(3)-75#(3)

    5 Rounds For Time:

  • 5R/5L Kettlebell Snatches(24kg/16kg)
  • 10 Goblet Squats
  • 10 Burpees
  • Results: 8:53 RX’d

    Bench Press: 80#(8)-75#(12)-70#(14), 40 GHD Situps

    I was not feeling the snatches today. I’m going to stick at 73# until I know I can snatch with good form CONSISTENTLY. The WOD was fun. I love KB workouts, so this was right up my ally. I still need to use the hips more. I got to work and did a set of bench presses. I went lighter this week with slightly higher reps because I haven’t done bench in a couple of weeks. I did 40 GHD situps, 20 before the bench and 20 after. I wonder if I’ll feel anything tomorrow. 😉

    I hope everyone is still working out and eating healthy. I definitely haven’t been eating well, but I’m back at it now, and ready to stop abusing my body. It’s been through hell this past week and a half, and I can’t totally feel it and see it. I took pics yesterday and they were not pretty. It’s okay though, I’m not going to dwell on it. I made a conscious decision to eat whatever I want whenever I wanted, so I’m not going to feel guilty about it. Another journey begins to get stronger and leaner!!