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Hello Jello Legs

6 Mar

As I stand here after today’s workout, my thighs are screaming and want to be ripped out of my jeans. LOL. Yes, it was that good.

Before I go into what we did at CFPA today, let’s get into what I’ve been eating. Yesterday were rest day macros, and I started to feel hungry around 3-5pm. I didn’t eat anything because I didn’t really plan to have a snack. I just sucked it up and at this plate for dinner around 6.


After the workout this morning, I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry until 11. I made a big crab salad(12oz) with some spinach and bell peppers. I bought a small salad to go with my crab meat, and had a side of roasted potatoes.

It was a lot of food, and I haven’t finished it yet. Saving the rest of the crab salad for later.

In other news, it’s slowly ticking down to 5pm on the west coast, waiting for the CrossFit Open WOD to be announced. Of course, CrossFit headquarters has been using social media to get everyone excited. They even had a picture of a rower, barbell, and box to hint at the WOD. Sounds like Christine to me, but I doubt it. How are you going to weight everyone, get their BW, and make sure their deadlifts are their BW. OR, maybe they skip the BW part, and just go with set numbers. Who knows…we’ll see!

Onto today’s workout…


Front Squats(E3M) 83#(5)-103#(5)-113#(5)-123#(5)-133#(5)


1) 400 M Run – 1:35

2) 5 RFT: 10/10 DB Hang Snatch(45#/30#), 20 Air Squats – 8:58 RX’d

3) 400 M Run – 2:19


Deadlifts(5×8): 115#-165#-185#-185#-165#

3×10 Superset of Barbell Bent Row(65#) & Push Ups

Ya, that workout was brutal. The snatches were a bit awkward for me because I didn’t want to damage my neck any further. I could tell my shoulders weren’t opening up as much as they should of when I snatched the db back. The last run was just brutal.

Once I got to work to do deadlifts, I was exhausted. The deadlifts did not help my neck at all. I lowered the weight on the last set to be on the safe side, and it helped. I’m glad I got through the session.

My neck is doing better, just still very tight in the morning. I gotta remember to stretch and massage it as much as I can. I need to be in tip top shape for Saturday. 🙂


04/09/2012 – Monday’s Workout

10 Apr

Another week ahead of us. Trying to make it a good one. It’s the last week of my Nutrition Program and I want to be able to go all out this week.

We worked on Power Cleans today. I warmed up with 5 sets at 33# and 63#.

Power Clean: 73#(5)-93#(3)-103#(3)-108#(1)-108#(1)-108#(1)

Last week, I wrote out the rep scheme that I wanted to do this week. I’m glad I did that, because I hate second guessing myself. I had to different rep schemes that I could go to, depending on how the 103# felt. 103# okay, but I wasn’t confident that I could go up 10 pounds, so I stuck to 5 pounds. I did 108# twice, and then Tim wanted me to do it again. He showed me that I was jumping away from the bar as if I was afraid of it, therefore making the turnover more difficult. My setup position was at the blue line, and as I did the clean, my toes were about an inch or two away from the line. Not good. Gotta work on that. Hopefully next week I can get up to 113# or 118#.

Here was our WOD:

For Time:

  • 21 DB Burpee Snatches, Right Hand(45#/30#)
  • 21 Ring Dips
  • 21 DB Burpee Snatches, Left Hand(45#/30#)
  • 21 Ring Dips
  • The burpee snatches felt good, but the ring dips are my nemesis. Even using the pink band, I still didn’t go low enough. It was definitely a fun WOD though. Must practice weaknesses.

    Result: 9:31

    03/28/2012 – Zercher Missed PR and Tabata(x6)

    29 Mar

    BLEH. I’m a little disappointed with how I did with my Zercher Squats. Here were my loads:

    Zercher Squat: 35#(5)-85#(3)-115#(3)-135#(1)- 155#(1..sort of)-155#(F)

    So I decided to start off really light with the 5 reps and save my energy for the 1 rep maxes. Obviously, I wanted to beat my previous PR a couple weeks ago. Maybe the jump was too high and I didn’t warm up enough by doing another set of 5s, but at 115, the squats started to feel heavy already. When I got to 155, taking the bar off the rack already felt weird, and I couldn’t position myself properly. Once I squatted, I feel into the whole, and sort of lost control. As I was going up, I could feel my elbow pushing against my thigh, and by nature I used it to help me get up. I guess my setup wasn’t right from the start. I wanted to try again with 155# and make it legit. I totally lost it again in the squat. I didn’t keep my core tight AGAIN as I got into the whole, and basically lost all the momentum to get back up. Sigh! No bell ringing for me today. Sort of sucks.

    Here’s was our WOD:

    This was a fun one, but the ring dips were the hardest. In the first cycle, I think I got 13 reps. That quickly went down to 10,7, then 6. I should of been faster with the grasshoppers, but I wanted to make sure that every rep hit my shins. Shuttle run was good, I was at 10 for half the cycle, then kept my reps at 9. I forget what I did with the snatches, but I think they were consistent for all 6 rounds.

    Result: 29 reps RX’d

    09/26/2011 – Sleepy Monday Workout

    26 Sep

    Man, I’ve been up since 3AM! Lil’ AMRAP was bugging out, so I fed him and he feel asleep. He started to cry again right before I left, so I was able to settle him down, but didn’t have a chance to fall back asleep before I had to leave to CFPA. I swear I was falling asleep on the drive over.

    It’s our last week of the strength cycle, and today was Power Cleans. Here were my loads:

    Power Cleans: 63#(5)-83#(3)-93#(1)-98#(1)-103#(1)-108#(F)

    Looks like I’m 10 pounds down from my previous PR of 113. Not bad, I guess. I definitely felt stronger than I did 2 weeks ago, so I’m happy.

    Our WOD only lasted 10 minutes, but it was challenging.

    10 Minute AMRAP:

  • 10 Right Hand Dumbbell Snatch(40/30)
  • 10 Clapping Push Ups
  • 10 Left Hand Dumbbell Snatch(40/30)
  • 10 Chin Ups
  • I decided from the beginning that I wasn’t going to do unassisted chin ups because I knew I would have to do singles within the first or second round. For the snatches, I used a 25# dumbbell, because I don’t think I’m ready for the 30 yet. SOON!!! VERY SOON! The snatches were pretty easy for me, and I did them unbroken. The push ups were hard because I would miss my hands sometimes, and fall flat on my chest. Ouch. Especially for someone who is breastfeeding and sort of engorged. LOL. The chin ups felt good, but of course they would feel good if I’m doing with the purple band. The kip really helped me get through the chin ups.

    This was a fun one, and definitely woke me up from my drowsy-ness. Can’t wait till I have a chance to do it RX’d.

    Result: 3 Rounds + 24 reps not RX’d