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05/23/2012 – Deadlifts

24 May

Today we got to work on deadlifts, and it was my chance to try to PR. I decided to just match my PR, back in 2010. The pulls weren’t difficult, I just need to work on keeping my back flat and push through the heels. I’m going to try to make sure form is near perfect as I go up in weight. Still reaching for 300 by the end of the year. 🙂

Deadlifts: 103#(5)-133#(5)-183#(3)-193#(3)-203#(3)-213#(1)-233#(1)-253#(1)

Our WOD:

For Time:

  • 240m Farmers Walk(24kg/16kg)
  • 45 Wall Balls
  • 240m Farmer’s Walk
  • 45 Burpees
  • Result: 12:03

    I’m happy that I didn’t stop during the farmers walk, although I wasn’t running with it either. I think doing lunges at work with weight have helped a bit. The worse for me were…can you guess? Wall balls? When I’m exhausted, I can only get 3 at a time. BLEH! I made up some of the time with the burpees, trying to channel Carl P. and just continue to move. Fun WOD!