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1/30/2012 – Fight Gone Bad

30 Jan

Today’s WOD was Fight Gone Bad. If you recall, the last time I did Fight Gone Bad was in September. It was pretty much my first workout back from the pregnancy at CFPA. Here’s what FGB consists of…

3 Rounds

  • Wall Balls(20#/14#)
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pulls(75#/55#)
  • Box Jumps(20″)
  • Push Press(75#/55#)
  • Calorie Row
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • This time, I got all of my wall balls. A few didn’t reach the 10′ target, so I didn’t count them, because I wanted to do this workout RX’d. Starting off with wall balls sort of sucked because that is my weakest station. After getting close to 20 reps in the first round, I could barely muster up 15 reps in the other two rounds. Everything else just seemed hard. I couldn’t get a good set of SDHP in, where I just tap and go. Gotta practice these a bit more. But, I’m happy to say that I definitely beat my old score of 176.

    Results: 214 reps RX’d

    Fight Gone Bad 6

    18 Sep

    Wow, what a way to end a week at CrossFit Palo Alto. Today, almost all CrossFit affliates hosted a Fight Gone Bad event to raise money for two charities, The Special Operation Warriors Foundation and The CrossFit Foundation. It was great to get together with everyone from the gym and push each other to our limits. Nothing beats spending half of my Saturday with great people doing a great workout.

    On the flip side, I didn’t score so well and I didn’t get ANY wall balls. I never hit the 10′ target. I was under the target all the time(9′..I think). I just need to practice and practice and practice. I’ll be spending my extra minutes at the gym working on Wall Balls. I must get them before the end of the year. I started with box jumps, and in the first round, I went as fast as I could. But that hurt me, because I was dead tired when I got to the push presses, and couldn’t keep good form. The push presses and SDHP were suppose to be the easy stations for me, but the weight felt heavy. Not super heavy like Monday’s workout, but not easy like 2 months ago. I did pretty good with the row, getting over 10 calories in all 3 rounds. I could of broken 200 if I got some wall balls out of each round.

    Total Reps: 172

    All in all, it was fun, and I can’t wait to see how I’ll score next time.

    Fight Gone Bad 6….

    16 Sep

    Just your regular service announcement. If you have any change to spare, please donate the Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser! Click here!!


    Zecher Squats & Fight Gone Bad Practice

    15 Sep

    I almost woke up a little late this morning. I was actually up at 230 feeding lil’ AMRAP, but I couldn’t go back to sleep till 330. When I finally did wake up, it wad 410, and I had to get moving. I pump before I leave to the gym, because it would be very uncomfortable if I didn’t.

    I was actually the first one to arrive, so I practiced my wall balls. I’m definitely not hitting the 10′ target all the time. I’m not quite sure what to do except practice practice practice. The reason why I’m practicing ow is because I’ll be participating in Fight Gone Bad 6 this Saturday, and I want a good score. I think the wall balls and box jumps will slow me down. BTW, if any of my readers would like to donate some mula to the FGB6 fundraiser, click here! Its for two great charities!

    Now onto to today’s workout…Zercher Squats!

    We haven’t done these since the end of April! So long ago for me. I teamed up with Jackie today. It’s great working with someone because you get that extra push that is needed when working out. Also, you can watch their form and help them out or encourage them!

    Here were my loads:


    My first set felt a bit heavy so I decided to do it again. I definitely feel weaker now because all the sets that I did today were pretty challenging. It should be interesting to see where I am at at the end of this cycle.

    Onto the metcon:

  • 3 min, run 240m, then max wall balls(20/14#)
  • 3 min, run 240m, then max Ground to Overhead(45/30#)
  • 3 min, run 240m, then max box jumps
  • 3 min, run 240m, then max pass-thrus
  • Wall balls! Box jumps! Definitely things I need to work on for Saturday’s event. I used the 14# medicine ball and 25# dumbbell for the ground to overhead. I was barely able to touch the bottom of the 10′ target with the wall balls. So frustrating. Fatigue definitely set in too, so it’ll be worse on Saturday! The other movement I had issues with was the pass thrus. I was only able to get 9 in 90 seconds! I was just beat up…arms sore, breathing hard, tired legs!

    But I felt great after the WOD was finished.

    Result: 69 reps…Scaled.

    Where have I been?!?!

    16 Jul

    Hiding!!! Actually, I’ve been at home trying to juggle multiple things at once while waiting for our Watermelon to appear. My due date was July 14, and Watermelon has decided he doesn’t want to show up yet. I’ve still been working out, although I only showed up once last week, and twice this week, so I have 3 workouts to catch up on.

    Let me recap on how I did last Wednesday(07/06). I’ll be reference Fitbomb’s post, because honestly, I don’t remember what we did. Ooooh ya..front squats. I worked with the 5-5-3-3-3 rep scheme because I wanted to do more squats with lighter weight, thinking that it would help Watermelon come out. Obviously it didn’t. I forgot what my loads were, but it was somewhere near 123# when I ended.

    Oh, and I loved the WOD that we did. Short and simple!

    5 Rounds For Time

  • 5 Push Press(135#/95#)
  • 15 Deadlifts
  • 25 Lateral Bar Jumps
  • Why did I think Lateral Bar Jumps were us swinging from the pull ups bars. Instead, it was just jumping over the weight…DUH Steph!!! Anyways, 95# deadlift would of been pretty easy for me, but the Push Press might have been a little difficult. I honestly thought about doing 95#, because it was OOONNNLLLYYY 5 push presses, but I decided against it. I loaded my bar with 83#, and went for it! It was a fast one, and the lateral bar jumps caught up to me quickly. I was doing a double hop every time I jumped from one side to the other, so that slowed me down. I think I finished around 8:20 something. Not bad for a 9 month preggo lady.

    07/11 – Monday’s WOD
    Onto our long week of Metcons. I seriously did not think I would make it this far into our cycle, but that’s what I get for expecting to have the baby early! SIGH! Of course, I wanted to go to Crossfit, because it might help push Watermelon along. He’s getting pretty cozy in there.

    3 Rounds(Fight Gone Bad Style, 1 minute rest in between rounds)

  • 20 Wall Balls(20#/14#)
  • 20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls(75#/55#)
  • 20 Box Jumps(20″)
  • 20 Push Press(75#/55#)
  • 20 Calorie Rows
  • Result: 25: something….

    Alrighty, here’s our chance to get 300 for FGB! It took me more than 6 minutes to get through each round, and I think my weaknesses were at the box jumps and row. I thought I took too much of a break during the SDHP and Push Presses too. With the wall balls, I used a 10# ball instead of the 14# ball, and I still did not try to make the 9ft target. BLEH!!! How am I going to do this RX’d by September?!?!?!

    07/15 – Friday’s WOD…NO BABY!
    I walked into the gym and everyone greeted me with a look of shock on their face. LOL. Yes, I’m still here!! I’m sure glad I showed up too, because the WOD was fun and not too taxing. Meaning, I didn’t have to RUN! I’m sort of scared of running right now, because I have a feeling I’ll fall flat on my face, being the klutz that I am. We first started practicing our double unders. I still can’t get my wrists to flick fast enough to string the double unders together. Tim kept yelling at me, “Steph, just string them together, you can do it!”. I don’t know what’s going on, my coordination is off. Because we were practicing double unders, we all knew there would be double unders in our WOD.

    AMRAP in 20 Minutes:

  • 5 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Air Squats
  • 20 Double-Unders
  • Result: 7 rounds + 30 reps RX’d

    In my head I thought, YES THERE ARE AIR SQUATS! I need those…might help Watermelon come out. 😉 If I could get 10 rounds out of this WOD, that would be great, but of course I knew I was pushing it. The double unders was the movement that was holding me back. Took me at least 2 or 3 minutes to finish each round, and I spent the most time on double unders. Sometimes I couldn’t even get one to go under me. I just got to practice practice practice!!! Fitbomb lead the class with over 11 rounds…that’s AWESOME!

    So that’s a summary of what I’ve been doing with my WODs. Still here, and in my 40th week of pregnancy. Giving birth to this little dude will by the hardest WOD I’ll encounter, but it’ll be worth it. Wish me luck!!!