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08/20/2012 – Power Cleans and Helen

21 Aug

It’s the last week of our cycle and today was Power Cleans. I wasn’t mentally prepared for getting a PR because I missed last weeks cycle. I tried but failed.

Power Cleans: 63#(5)-83#(3)-93#(3)-103#(3)-113#(1)-120#(F)

Tim noticed that as I pulled the bar up, the bar was flying away from me. Steve said that same thing when I went to Catalyst on Saturday while practicing Snatches. Something to work on, especially if I want to go heavier. Everything felt good, I just wasn’t ready for 120#. 118 was my PR, so I didn’t want to do that again. Next time! Till then, I just gotta practice form with lighter weight.

For our WOD, we did HELL-EN!


For some reason I thought my PR before was right under 10, but I was wrong. The last time we did Helen(in May, I matched my PR of 10:24. I did pretty good the first two rounds, not getting of the pull up bar and going straight through with the kettlebells. The last round was touch. The run felt slow and mentally, I knew I had to get through the kettlebells. I’ve done more than 30 in a row before(multiple rounds), and this was JUST 21, so I had to get through it without putting the bell down. Success! Next was getting through the last 12 pull ups. I dropped 3 times. Argh! But I made it. 9:58. Forearms, hamstrings, quads were burning, but I did it! YAHOOOO!

Helen is totally mental. I have to fight through the pain, make sure grip is good for the pull ups, and just FINISH! Next time, unbroken is the goal!

I got to work and finished off my workout day with bench presses. 3×12 @ 73#

Great way to start a Monday.


07/30/2012 – New Cycle at CFPA

31 Jul

YAY, we start a new cycle today at CFPA and guess what we did as strength. Power Cleans! I was practicing them a bit on Saturday after my workout. Just a couple sets. So, I felt good getting into the groove of things. Of course, Tim pointed out that the bar is flying way ahead of me, and I need to keep it close. Another thing I’m trying to focus on is keeping my arms straight. No bend in the elbows as I’m pulling the weight up.

Power Cleans: 63#(5)-63#(5)-73#(5)-83#(5)-93#(3)-98#(3)-103#(3)

All the sets felt really good. Maybe I could of gone heavier, but I wanted to focus on form. Next time I will warm up with 75 pounds. Once I get warm up sets up in weight, I know I can reach PRs. My PR is 118#.

Here’s our WOD:

For Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 15 Burpees
  • 30 Kettlebell Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • 45 Wall Balls(20#/14#)
  • 30 Kettlebell Swings
  • 15 Burpees
  • 400m Run
  • I started with the 14# medicine ball, but after a couple reps in Tim gave me a 12# ball. Goal was to string them together and hit the 10 ft target. Ya, still couldn’t string them together as fast as I could. I was doing 3 at a time. I need to find a good rhythm and be in control of the ball. I can’t let the ball dominate me. LOL. Funny that we did Kettlebell Swings today considering I did 30 on the minute on Saturday. I had to break the last 30 kettlebell swings into two sets.

    Result: 12:41 using 12# medicine ball.

    At work, I did some quick bench press sets. 95#(6)-90#(8)-85#(10). Pretty much to failure with 2-3 minutes in between each set.

    Day 39 of 100 Day Push Up Challenge done!

    07/28/2012 – Extra Workout and GNO

    30 Jul

    Tonight is Girl’s Night Out(GNO)! Even though I saw most of the girls last week at Lil’ AMRAP’s birthday party, we haven’t had a chance to all hang out and have a drink or two. With work, family, and stuff we individually focus on, it’s hard to get together. But when we do, it’s like we were never apart. Don’t you love that type of friendship?! ❤

    Anyways, I knew I was going out, and I was going to have a drink and dessert, so I did a workout today. I decided to tackle some deadlifts and work on KB Swings. For the deadlifts, I changed my grip around because I didn't want to aggravate my right should and elbow. So, my left palm was facing foward, and right palm facing me. It's a little awkward and I don't feel as strong, but it's better than trying to work too hard on the right side. Plus it's always good to switch things around.

    I started off with breakfast and created a cous cous hash. I used cauliflower, onion powder and curry powder for the cous cous. So good! I mixed it in with leftover salmon and two eggs. I had 1/4 of an avocado for fat. Yummy!!!

    Before I ate lunch, I did my workout.

    Deadlifts: 65#(5)-115#(5)-155#(5)-185#(5)-205#(5)

    For the last set, I stepped away from the bar twice. I just had to reset and mentally make sure I could pull it.

    After the deadlifts, I did 5 Rounds of 30 Kettlbell Swings using the 16kg bell. I rested a minute between each round. The goal is to finish the 30 swings within 1 minute. If you don’t, you are suppose to row 1000m as a penalty for each round missed. I missed the last two rounds. I ran 400m for penalty. LOL. I got this workout from CrossFit One World’s site.

    For lunch I had 4oz london broil with green beans, cauliflower cous cous, and avocado.

    For my 3rd meal I had 3oz of duck leg with cous cous, more green beans, and a small piece of sweet potato.

    Alrighty, here is where it starts to go downhill. My meals were pretty early in the day, so I tried not to eat until we were out, but our reservations weren’t till 8:15. I finished the last of the dried cranberries. Yes, I killed this bag within 3 days.

    For dinner, we went to Limon SF, a peruvian restaurant. Everything was delicious! I had Rotisserie Chicken, Ceviche, Hanger Steak, Yucca Fries, Sweet Potato fries, Green Beans, and bit of Truffle Mac and Cheese. Here are some of the pics.

    Ahi Tuna

    Rotisserie Chicken

    Our Side Dishes

    I had half a glass of sangria and sipped on a Caiparinha. I had to drive so I didn’t drink that much.

    Afterwards we went to Candybar. Candybar is this cute little place in SF where you just hang out, order desserts, alcohol, and play board games. It’s so cute! Here are some pics of our dessert. I only got two pictures, but we ordered way more.

    Honeydew Ice Cream Sandwich

    Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

    Our desserts from my friend @bevizm

    Cheers! Strawberry Kiss Champagne

    Good times with great friends.

    I got home at 1:30…way past my bedtime. And I had to get up at 6:30. So worth it!

    07/25/2012 – More Kettlebell Cleans

    26 Jul

    Aaaah, I was looking forward to getting back to CFPA today. I need a good workout. I thought my shoulder was getting better, but for some reason every time I step into the box for the last two weeks, something is aching on my right side. I definitely felt something weird when doing V-ups last Wednesday, but that feeling went away after Friday’s workout. I felt good all week, until this morning. The range of motion was very limited, especially when I was trying to do Sots Press with a PVC pipe. I’ll ice and stuff later tonight and see how it goes. Unfortunately, it limited my ability to do KB Clean and Press with a 16kg bell. Here’s how that went.

    KB Clean & Press: 5(12kg)-5(12kg)-5(16kg Left, 12kg Right)-5(16kg Left, 12kg Right)-5(16kg R, 12kg L)

    And our WOD:

    10 Minute AMRAP

  • 6 Pistols
  • 9 Pull Ups
  • 12 KB Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • This was a good workout. I don’t really have a problem with BW pistols. Like Tim suggested, I tried not to rush through the pistols. I did 6 pistols on one leg the first round, then did 6 on the other leg the second round. After I felt warmed up, I switched back and forth for the rest of the round. Pull ups felt good, although I was a bit worried about my shoulder. I did a couple rounds unbroken, then I broke them up the last few rounds.

    Result: 6 Rounds plus 17 Reps.

    07/23/2012 – Good Eats

    24 Jul

    What a day. I’m freakin’ pooped and I couldn’t wake up to get to CFPA. I ended up just lifting at work and doing a 15 Minute KB AMRAP workout.

    15 Minute AMRAP

  • 10 Goblet Squats(16kg)
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Two Handed Swings(Russian Swings)
  • 10 KB Bent Over Rows(12kg)
  • Result: 6 Rounds

    Getting on the straight on narrow took a little bit of work, but I made it through. Especially since my Nutrition Coach sent me my new eating plan. Looks like I’ll be adding in more carbs one day a week to see how my body reacts. Then it’ll go to 3 days a week(strength days). 🙂

    After my workout, I had some chicken thighs, sweet potato, bok choy and kale, and blueberries.



    For lunch I had leftover salmon and bok choy. I also ate two more pieces of chicken thigh.

    My third meal was leftover roasted pork from the party and more kale. I added in a sweet potato because I didn’t have beans during lunch.


    I forgot to take a pic of dinner, but it was more chicken thighs with veggies.

    05/21/2012 – Push Jerks and Helen

    22 May

    It’s our last week in this cycle, and we worked on Push Jerks today. My PR was 118 years ago(2010). I haven’t gotten past it since then because of being pregnant. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan out my sets, so I didn’t PR today. Just matched it.

    Push Jerks: 63#(5)-83(93)-93#(3)-103#(2/1)-113#(1)-118#(1)

    118# actually felt good, and I should of tried to add more weight. We were out of time. And I had to mentally prepare for “Helen”

    Helen, 3 RFT

  • 400m Run
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • 12 Pull Ups
  • 10:24 RX’d

    I wasn’t quite sure what my PR was, but I knew I wanted to try to get sub 10. That means that I had to do EVERYTHING UNBROKEN. Well, it looked good until the second round of pull ups. I had to jump off in the middle. I didn’t really have to, I just couldn’t fight the burn.

    Then when I came back from the run for the 3rd round, I dropped the KB at rep 14. By the time I finished the Kbs, there was 20 seconds left for me to do 12 pull ups to meet my goal. Of course, if I fought through the pain and got a good rhythm then maybe I would of gotten 10 minutes. I dropped off the bar 3 times! 😦 Funny though, because I actually matched my PR from 2010, which is the best time yet. Again, before I was pregnant w/ Lil’ AMRAP.

    I guess today was match my PR day. I’ll take it, for now. Good day at CFPA.

    I got to work and quickly did some bench press sets. Feels like I’m getting stronger with bench. Hopefully I can up my top set soon by 5 pounds.

    Bench Press: 90(6)-85(10)-75(13)

    I hope you got your butt moving on Monday. It’s a great way to start the week off right! I definitely cannot wait for the long weekend ahead.

    05/14/2012 – Monday’s Workout

    15 May

    YAY for Monday’s and getting back to the gym. Time to work on Push Jerks. It wasn’t the greatest session, but hopefully next week I can get pass 120#.

    Push Jerks: 63#(5)-83#(3)-93#(3)-93#(3)-103#(1)-113#(1)

    113# was sort of sloppy and I had to push extra hard to get the bar over my head. I think I’m just thinking to hard before I lift. I just need to set and go.

    10 Minute AMRAP:

  • 10/10 1 Handed KB Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • 10 Toes To Bar
  • 20 Air Squats
  • Results: 5 Rounds + 24 reps

    Of course the toes to bar were the limiting factor for me. I have this double swing before I can bring my toes back up to the bar. I gotta learn this kipping motion from The Terminator so I can get faster at them.