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15 Jan

Howdy!  Day 14 of Whole30 and still going strong.  I’m trying to stay within macro limits as well.  It’s easy on the weekdays because the day just zooms by, but when the weekend comes and we are left just hanging out, I tend to think about food too much and graze.  Then I have to adjust my macros to make it all fit.  Anyways, fit girl problems right?!  Onto more important things, like PR-ing FGB!

Fight Gone Bad

  • 3 Rounds, As Many Reps as Possible, 1 Minute at each station
  • Wall Balls(20#/14#) to 10′ Target
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pulls(75#/55#)
  • Box Jumps 20″
  • Push Pres(75#/55#)
  • Calorie Row
  • 1 Minute Rest

I wasn’t expecting this WOD today.  With some back pain, I’m glad it wasn’t deadlifts or anything like that.  For warm-up we practiced walking up and down the wall into a handstand, trying to get as vertical as possible.  I had some trouble with coordination, but it definitely helped warm up the shoulders.

By the time we got ready for the WOD, I decided to start on Wall Balls.  Why not right?  Start with my nemesis and get it over with.  I got 17 wall balls consecutively with good form on the first round.  I ended up with 21, so that definitely put a smile on my face.  Of course, I was gassed in the next round and only got 12 or 13.  All the other stations felt good except for SDHP.  I could feel the bar drifting away from me.  Definitely due to exhaustion.  Push presses felt light and fast.  They burned, but I definitely tried to not put the bar down within that minute.

Take away from this WOD…Must learn how to keep good form while under extreme exhaustion.  I don’t know how the elite’s do it, but they do it, so it can be done.

Score: 226 RX’d…12 reps more than last January.

I got to work and did some back squat reps, 2 sets of chin ups, and goblet squats. Back squats were 95#(5)-115#(5)-125#(3)-145#(2)-155#(1). I guess 155# is a new PR, since I’ve never done 1 rep max back squats. At least I know I’ll get that at the competition. I BETTER GET THAT!


Friday’s Workout

26 Aug

3x500m Row

Yup, we definitely got comfortable with the rower today. Here were my times

The first round was good, and I got a PR! Yahooo!

Second round, not so good.
Third round, I wanted to give up!

18 Burpee penalties for me. I did way better than October!

08/17/2012 – Friday’s Workout

18 Aug

Today was Handstand Push Up day. We also got to practice with the rope. I actually just practiced moving up and down the rope and then tried to climb the rope. I was able to get up, but using my upper body only. Ya, not the most efficient, but I think I have to get over the height thing first.

My HSPU suck. I could not get 1 for the life of me. After a couple tries, I realized I was hollowing my back enough. That made all the difference, and I was able to get a few.

Our WOD:

AMRAP 6:00 of the following

  • 200m Row
  • 10 Left Side/10 Right Side Dumbbell Push Press(45#/30#)
  • Rest 1:00
  • AMRAP 6:00 of the following

  • 1 Burpee
  • 1 Pull Up
  • 2 Burpees
  • 2 Pull Ups
  • 3 Burpees
  • 3 Pull Ups
  • and so on!
  • I decided to do the row and dumbbell press first because I was going RX and I knew it would be the hardest. I was right. I only got 2 rounds plus 16 reps. For the burpees and pull ups, I had to just keep moving, and not break up the pull ups. I did all the pull ups unbroken, but the burpees felt so slow. The first 4 or 5 rounds were good. Once I got to 6 and 7 rounds, it just took FOR-EVA! I got to the 9th round of burpees and 2 pull ups.

    Total Reps: 139 RX’d

    08/15/2012 – Time Trials

    16 Aug

    Back to CFPA today. I had a feeling we weren’t going to do Overhead Squats. I was a bit worried what it might be since I haven’t WOD’ed since last Wednesday.

    Time Trials!

    I decided to do it in the following order:

  • Pull Ups – 2:58
  • Ab-mat Sit Ups – 1:30
  • Push Ups – 1:18
  • Row – 2:04
  • Air Squats – :58
  • Run – 1:37
  • Result: 9:05 RX’d

    The last time I did Time Trials, I was pregnant.

    And then the time before that (Nov 2010), I wasn’t pregnant.

    My run suffered this time by 10 seconds compared to Nov 2010. Pull ups and push up times went down(thank you 100 Day Push Up Challenge). The row stayed the same. But ack! My quads were on fire after the air squats. Good times! Feels great to be back.

    Update: Forgot to add that I did Front Squats once I got to work. RPT Rep Scheme.

    Front Squats: 115(6)-105(9)-95(12)

    07/27/2012 – Another Barbell Complex

    28 Jul

    We worked on pull ups today but my shoulder was still feeling a bit weird. I was able to do 5 strict pull ups without a band. The next sets I used a blue band and did 2 sets of 10 strict pull ups. I did one round of kipping pull ups.

    I’m sort of disappointed that I couldn’t go heavier with the WOD today. It’s one of those barbell complexes that I love!! The RX’d weight was 95# but I stuck to 68#. I was mainly afraid of the push jerks and not being able to get full extension with the push. With all the lifting I’ve been doing, I’d hope to be able to do 85 or at least 78#.

    For time:

  • 21 Push Jerks(135/95#)
  • 500m Row
  • 21 Power Cleans
  • 400m Run
  • 21 Front Squats
  • Result: 9:00 at 68#

    The power cleans were the ones that tripped me up. After rowing, my legs were tired and I rested too long before starting the power cleans. When resting too long, I just keep grasping for air and I can’t control my breathing. Nonetheless I love this workout and it was a great way to end the week.

    07/02/2012 – Pistols and Renegade Rows

    3 Jul

    It’s a short week, but I have to keep my workout schedule the same. Today we worked on Pistols.


    I’m a bit wobbly with the 16kg. I have to remember to keep the core tight going up and push through the hell.

    AMRAP 12 Minutes:

  • 250m Row
  • 10 Renegade Rows(45#/30#)
  • 10 DB Power Cleans
  • Results: 3 Rounds + 211 m Row

    I tried to go as fast as I could with the row. I averaged under 2 minutes for the first round. The second two rounds werer shitty. The renegade rows were the hardest part. I tried the 30# dumbbell, but I couldn’t keep my abs tight and not move my shoulder as I was pull the dumbbell up. I decided to go with the 25# to make sure form was perfect. During the 3rd round, I was doing 1 rep at a time. That is how much it sucked!

    Once I got to work, I lifted with bench press and back squats. I was going to do Front Squats but didn’t want to irritate my elbow again.

    Bench Press: 90#(7)-85#(9 reps, almost 10 because I clipped the holder)-75#(14)

    Back Squat: 65#(10)-85#(10)-95#(7)-115#(5)-125#(7)

    Once that was done, I busted out my 11 push ups for the 100 Day Push Up Challenge. Ouch!

    06/20/2012 – Front Squats and Jackie

    21 Jun

    Today is our last day of the Front Squat cycle. Last week I PR’ed at 148# and today I wanted to get 150#. Here’s how it went…

    Front Squats: 73#(5)-93#(3)-113#(3)-133#(3)-143#(1)-150#(F)-150#(F)

    I failed at 150#. First, I think I made too big of a jump from 143# to 150#. I thought the 143# felt good even though it wasn’t perfect form. For the 150#, before I got to the bar and put it in the rack position, I took my deep breath and got tight. I lifted the bar onto my shoulders, lifting my elbows, and positioned my feet. Right then and there, I let go of my breath. NOT GOOD. Of course, everything just let loose, and I had to get tight again before going down into the squat. I think that was my first point of failure. I just need to focus and go. With the second try, I think I just flopped down into the squat to fast. My back rounded and of course the elbows were down, and I couldn’t get it back up. 150..I will get you next time.

    Our WOD today was a benchmark WOD.


  • 1000m Row
  • 50 Thursters(45#/35#)
  • 30 Pull Ups
  • Result: 9:59 RX’d

    We did Jackie in March, and I got the same time! I’ve done Jackie at 9:11 back in when I started at CFPA. It’s recorded in my book. I remember I did the first set of thrusters at 25. Today, I did 17 or 18, and then took lots and lots of breaks.

    When I got to work I wanted to work on some deadlifts. I didn’t go to heavy because my elbow is still bothering me, and I could feel it flare up. Anyways, I warmed up to 165# and then worked my way down.

    Deadlifts: 165#(10)-145#(8)-135#(8)

    Time to ice, roll out, and take some ibuprofen. Hope everyone got a good workout in.