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08/11/2012 – LA Wedding Recap

15 Aug

HELLO! I’m so behind on my posts. Let’s just say I fell off the clean eats bandwagon on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I tried to live a little. And guess what…mother nature came for a visit. FINALLY. I wonder if it has anything to do with adding over 200g of carbs back into my diet(that number is a guess), for a couple of days. Let’s just say I’m back on the straight and narrow and more focused than ever. Not happy with how chunky I look, but I think my metabolism is repairing itself right now. I’m definitely getting stronger and gaining muscle, that’s for sure. Just not losing any fat yet, which makes for a thick XFitMama.

Anyways, I started to take pics of what I ate Friday, and then didn’t really remember to take pics the rest of the weekend. I had alcohol, cupcakes(mmmMMMMmmm), tuna melts sandwiches, pancakes, chicken melt sandwiches, late night in-n-out runs(protein style of course), and DIM SUM! I can’t go to LA without dim sum. 🙂 I was craving veggies by the end and got a roasted veggies salad at California Pizza Kitchen. Best salad ever!

Here’s a few pics from the trip.

Family- on our way to West Covina

Enjoying a cassini in Manhattan Beach

Smoked Salmon Salad

Carrot Soup

Hubs and Lil’ Munchkin’ at Manhattan Beach

Garlic Shrimp and Scallop Stir Fry at Monsoon, The Promenade

Thinnest Hamachi Ever!

Friends going to the Wedding

The Wong and Le Clan

Oh, and I got a good workout in on Saturday. I went to a 24 Hour Fitness with a couple of the guys. I had a choice between shopping and working out, and of course I chose the workout. I deadlifted and benched with them, then we went our separate ways. Hmm…maybe because I caused a scene when we deadlifted. LOL. I did dumbell snatches, walking lunches, 500m row, and back extensions. Yes, it was very random, but I didn’t know what else to do. I felt so lost in a globo gym, but it definitely felt good to get a lifting session in. Especially since I had a huge breakfast that morning(omelet, pancakes).

That’s a wrap for the LA trip. Jen asked me to stay strict this week, and I have to. I just gotta follow the plan.

07/20/2012 – Happy 1st Birthday Lil AMRAP

21 Jul

Today is Lil’ AMRAP’s bday!! My baby is 1 and I wish he could stay this age forever. He’s learning so fast and his personality is showing more and more each day. Maybe because he’s the second child, but he picks things up faster and is always attentive, wanting to be involved in everything we do! He’s not walking yet, but give it a month and I think he’ll get there.

We spent the day prepping for the big party tomorrow. I’ve been on my feet for most of the day, so I am beat! Let’s do a quick recap of what I ate.

When I got home from my workout, I made a spinach white egg omelet with veggies, sweet potatoes, and blueberries.



I got hungry at about 1130, but couldn’t eat till 12. I ate some flank steak with cabbage and beans. I’m really not feeling the beans. I used to like it in chili, but it’s been a couple years since I’ve eaten them, and they aren’t appetizing to me. I’m clueless as to how to cook them too, besides a stir fry. Anyways, I ate all the steak and. Abbas. I didn’t finish the beans.


I was hungry by 130, but was able to hold out until 2:30. I just took whatever protein I had left in the fridge and ate it with sauerkraut and roasted broccoli. I think it was 3 pork meatballs and I drumstick.


For Lil’ AMRAP’s birthday dinner, we went to The Counter. I was tempted with burgers, sweet potato fries, and ice cream sandwiches!


Here’s the kids munchin’ away!



I got the market special which was a 1/3lb halibut salad with grilled asparagus and avocado. Yum!


Hubs always gets a cheese burger and he never finishes! I could easily finish his half and more!


While the kids played at the playground, I stopped by Kara’s Cupcake to pick up something for Lil’ AMRAP. You gotta have something to blow in your first bday!


I spent the rest of the night cleaning, prepping, baking, and rearranging furniture. So pooped! Another long day tomorrow!

07/06/2012 – Good Eats

7 Jul

Here’s a quick recap of our Friday. We decided to go to Fisherman’s Wharf because Lil’ Munchkin’ was feeling a bit better. It was a little cold, but nothing a little walking around couldn’t warm up.

First, I got up early in the morning, and worked on deadlifts. Then I did a quick Kettlebell workout in the garage which consisted of goblet squats, two-handed kettle bell swings, weighted lunges, ab-mat sit-ups, and dynamic squats. 30 reps of each, not timed.

For today’s eat, I didn’t eat some of the stuff that I was suppose to eat because we were traveling. I started off with a egg white spinach omelet, sautéed chard, sweet potatoes, and blueberries.

When we got to the city, we ate at Joe’s Crab Shack. I really regret spending money on restaurants now. Yes, I’m a food snob, and this place was eeeeh. My hubby and I got the lobster and snow crab to share.

I had a side salad(without the croutons and cheese) with steamed veggies as well.

Such an average meal…BLEH.

Once we got home, I had some Paleo Stix, and that held me over till dinner.

Dinner was sirloin with veggies, cashews, and 1/4 avocado.

BLEH, and I munched on cranberries again. They are gone, so no more buying them. UGH!

Day 15 od 100 Day Push Up Challenge done.

Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

15 May

After a fun filled weekend with my family and extended family, it’s time to get back to reality. Mother’s Day was celebrated all weekend. The four of us spent the day in the city, and the weather was gorgeous. We stopped by The Ferry Building to walk around and pick up some sausages from 4505 Meats. Those guys are great, and I spent a few minutes talking to Kyle about our CSA. I can’t wait to start getting meats from them. After the market, we took the kids to The San Francisco Zoo. And once again, I was not prepared for the weather change. It was pretty windy and cold there, and I was wearing shorts and a tank top. Luckily my smart hubby brought extra clothes for the kiddies, so they had a fun time looking at all the animals. Here are a few shots from my phone.




Next we went to Limon SF in the Mission. By far, the best Peruvian place I’ve been to. So so yummy, and you can definitely stay Paleo. Rotiserrie chicken was delicious, and the ceviche was THE BOMB!

Sweet Potato Fries

Sauteed Vegetables: Oh so good!

Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs

Rotiserrie Chicken

Yucca Fries

Traditional Peruvian Stir Fried Top Sirloin topped with Fries.

On Sunday, I did my usual Campbell Farmer’s Market run and then prepped veggies for the week. We had a Mother’s Day gathering at my sister’s place. The food was BBQ from Blue Rock, and since I fasted all the way up till 1PM, I devoured a whole bunch of ribs and chicken with salad.

And then..I devoured 2 cream puffs from Beard Papas. It all went downhill from there. I was stuffed and uncomfortable. We went home and I took a nap to alleviate the pain of eating too much. I woke up feeling refreshed, and decided to go to Krung Thai. I came home with a bad stomach ache that lasted way into the night. Why do I do this to myself?! The food wasn’t even that great.

Fortunately, I didn’t take any pics on Sunday. I’d rather keep it in the past and not go back to that tummy ache again. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. 🙂

04/22/2012 – Good Eats

23 Apr

Today was a complete rest day, and I woke up still feeling full from all the protein I ate yesterday. Such a pig I tell ya!

Anyways, we had another busy day. We wanted to take the kids to the beach because it was so darn hot. We also wanted to get out of SJ by 10 to beat any traffic, so I had to be quick at the Campbell Farmer’s Market. I picked up veggies to fill our week. I need to stop buying food because our fridge is filled to the rim. I’m not sure how we are going to store 80# of grass fed meat from Morris GrassFed Beef that is suppose to come in June.

Once I got home and dumped all the veggies in the fridge, we headed out to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Unfortunately the weather was freakin’ COLD! We were not prepared for this weather. It was windy and cold, and the kids and I were wearing shorts and t-shirts. I felt bad for coming up with the idea to beat the heat, but we tried to have a good time. I didn’t break my fast until 12ish with a roasted turkey leg. I forgot to take a pic because I was HUNGRY!

Here’s Lil’ Munchkin’ playing skeeball for the first time!

Oh, I had a small bit of the chocolate covered bacon at Marini’s at the Beach. It was okay. I’d rather make this at home with dark chocolate. Not loving milk chocolate anymore.

Once we got home, I quickly got to cooking our dinner. Around Easter time, 4505 Meats had their annual Rabbit CSA. After seeing the NomBomb clan have it last year, I decided to pick one up this year. I know Easter was a few weeks ago, but I was on a strict diet plan, so I couldn’t really eat it then. It was my first time cooking rabbit, and the instructions given were quite simple and easy to follow. Good stuff!!

Loin and Saddle with Pesto Sauce:

Braised Rabbit Shoulder and Leg:

Rabbit Sausage with Romeso Sauce:

Our dinner guests thought everything was delicious! I think we’ll be cooking rabbit more often. Taste just like chicken!

Another day with protein overload. Time to stick with my meal plans for the rest of the week and see how I do. I’m not sure if having a goal and no one to watch over me is going to work. I have no self control when no one is watching. Sigh! The weekends are the hardest too. We’ll see what happens soon enough.

04/08/2012 – Easter Good Eats

9 Apr

Happy Easter everyone! I got up early this morning and did my weigh in! Lost a healthy 1.2 pounds. YAY! I told my nutrition coach and she said I got a “free dinner” tonight. Hmm…free dinner, like 3 course meal?! You know that’s how I’m going to do it! I went back and forth wondering if I wanted a big steak or not. Keep it clean or NOT. Read on and see…

I decided to make some baked ham and eggs for hubby and Lil’ Munchkin’. It was on my “Must Try Recipes” on pinterest, and I thought it was the coolest idea ever! Super easy, and done in minutes.

Hubby like it. It looked super yummy!

By 8:00AM, I had my 6 egg white omelet with 1 slice of Ezekiel bread and 1/2 tblsp of Justin’s Almond Butter. After I scarfed down my breakfast, I was still hungry. BUT, I gotta remember my free dinner. 🙂

I took Lil’ Munchkin’ to Trader Joe’s and the Campbell Farmer’s Market to pick up some goodies. At TJ’s, I got my chicken breast, ground lean turkey, and milk for the babies. At the farmer’s market, I picked up my Wild Atlantic Salmon and Farmhouse Culture Sauekraut. This was the first time that I didn’t buy much at the farmer’s market, but I still spent quite a lot. LOL. Damn fish is pricey!

I stopped by my parents house to visit for a bit. By the time I got home(11:00AM), I quickly chowed down on my snack. Chicken jerky with some roasted sweet potatoes.

All afternoon while prepping food for the week, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to cheat on. My cousin came over to pick up his cookies and said I needed to go all out.

All out on what though?! I put out a grassed tomahawk rib-eye steak, but it wouldn’t thaw in time to get into the SousVide Supreme. It had to soak for 8 hours. I really wanted to try the steak too. So, I finally made a decision that we would go out to dinner, after the kids did their Easter egg hunt. I scarfed down my Chicken salad while feeding Lil’ Munchkin’ lunch.

We went to my BFF’s house to do the Easter egg hunt. It was cute to see Lil’ Munchkin’ follow my friend’s daughter around. Here’s a couple pics…

This is where I unleashed the sugar demon. First, I started with some Cadbury Mini Eggs. Maybe 15 eggs. ICK!!! Super sweet! I couldn’t stop popping them in my mouth. I had to wash it down with water to get the sugar taste out.

We left my friend’s house to meet up with my cousin at The Counter. Since he was trying to get me to go all out on the cheat, he wanted to be there to witness it. They were hosting a National Grilled Cheese Month, and their sandwich for the week sounded really really good. It was called “The Western”: Tillamook Chedder, American Cheese, Black Forest Ham, Fried Onion Strings, and Sweet BBQ Sauce. I ordered the sandwich without the onion rings, and didn’t really need the sauce. Since I was at a burger joint I wanted red meat too. I knew I would get sick of the cheese real fast. I decided to order off the kids menu and get the mini cheeseburgers. LOL. Yes, I cheeped out and used my kid as an excuse to order from the Kids Menu. Lil’ Munchkin didn’t want any of it, all he wanted were the fries. Here’s what I scarfed down:

YES, I ate all of it. I couldn’t breathe. So much for enjoying and chewing my food. The bread on the grilled cheese was grilled to perfection. The mini cheeseburgers were delicious because they used King’s Hawaiian bread. The fries…YUMMY! But, I didn’t stop there. I went home and chowed down on some cookies and milk.

I went away all weekend not touching the cookies, and I ended up eating maybe 6 or 7. BAD I know. My tummy is not going to like me tomorrow, but it was worth it. I just gotta remember to slow down, and enjoy it. Now, let me feel guilty for 5 minutes and then I’m moving on.

Happy Easter!

April’s Best Your Stress Month

1 Apr

Yesterday, Chris Kresser, one of Paleo’s leading “know-it all’s”, suggested everyone use the month of April to relieve stress. The goal is to find a way to relax and de-stress from all the craziness that goes on in your world. Here is what I am going to do to relieve the stress in my life.

  • Stop using my phone, computer, and iPad, 1 hour before going to bed, and pick up a real book to read.
  • Sign up for a Yoga class, and go at least once a week
  • I need to step away from my computer, from social media, my phone, EVERYTHING!

    I am completely surrounded by hardware everywhere: work, home, going out…EVERYWHERE. It’s too much. So I want to shut it down, and pay more attention to my kids, more to my family, and more attention to myself. I think this little step will help in that process. My reading books have been stacking up. I haven’t finished the Steve Jobs autobiography, and I recently ordered two new books, The Happiness Project and The Hunger Games, which I haven’t even put a dent in. I think replacing electronics with reading is a great way to de-stress from a busy day at work, and will help me physically and mentally. I actually thought about taking a whole Sunday off from electronics instead, but I think that’s a little tough. I already failed this morning. 😉 So baby steps that are do-able is that right way to go for me.

    Next thing I’ll do is yoga! I’ve been thinking about going back to Bikram Yoga for awhile now.

    I did Bikram Yoga in 2008 for 8 months, and I loved it. I want to go back once a week, on Thursdays during lunch. I think this will help me relax during the middle of the workday, and also help with my mobility for CrossFit.

    I think Chris’s article came at a great time for me. I’ve been trying to take too much on at one time, and not paying attention to the important things in life. Want to join me?! Find something that will help you be stress free for the month of April. I’m sure in the end, you’ll thank yourself. 🙂

    12/16/2011 – Weekend Recap

    19 Dec

    I had such a fun weekend with my family and friends, even though there were stresses in other areas of my life. I can’t remember exactly what I ate all weekend, but I know I did indulge in too much dark chocolate with caramel sea salt Friday night. Our friends came over with a lamb roast. It was really good, but still a bit gamey for me. I made some steamed green beans and roasted broccoli for sides. We also got down and dirty with some crabs.

    On Saturday, I didn’t really step into the kitchen. I basically starved myself all morning and afternoon. I went to a kids birthday party and avoided the pizza and cake, and only munched on a couple pieces of fruit. By dinner time, I was starving and had no clue what to eat. I ended up going to In n Out to pick up some burgers and got some garlic bread sticks at California Pizza. Yes, I made an extra stop to get bread sticks. I had my protein style double meat burger with breadsticks. It was delish. I ended the night with english toffee. I know I know, MAJOR CHEAT.

    Sunday was another day out with the family! We took our lil’ kids to go see Thomas the Train in Santa Cruz. The weather was perfect, and my kids had a great time. 😉 I managed to only eat half of this smoked turkey leg, the only real food item at the Boardwalk. Notice the fried cheesecake advertisement in the back of the pic. Who makes this stuff up?! Is it that good?

    The rest of my day was fabulous, but unfortunately I missed the Farmer’s Market. We’ll be going to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods for our groceries the next two weeks. SIGH! I spent the rest of my evening and late night baking cookies. I baked about 6 or 7 dozen cookies without even taste testing them. Hopefully they aren’t burnt!

    I’m thinking about getting a Nutritional Coach early next year for a couple of months. I seriously want to get rid of some of this abdominal fat and get my cortisol levels in check. I’ve sent emails to a couple of people already to see what they can do for me. We’ll see what they say and who I might chose. I’m trying to stay as Paleo as possible, but it’s a little difficult during this holiday season. So, I’m looking forward to the future and what I can do to accomplish my goals. I’m all about setting goals for 2012, w/o the post-prego weight!

    12/2 – 12/4: Weekend Recap

    5 Dec

    I almost escaped the weekend by eating clean and healthy food. Unfortunately, I decided to bake some cookies while decorating the house on Sunday. Lil Munchkin’, Hubs, and I enjoyed a few cookies. Maybe a few too many, and I gave the rest to my Mom and Sissy. Thank god they are all out of the house now. That’s all I could think about all weekend!

    Okay, now that my confession is over, let me remind myself of the real food that I ate.

    Saturday morning started off with eggs and a cup of Philtered Soul with Heavy Cream. For lunch, we just ate leftovers. My sissy took Lil’ Munchkin’ to a birthday party, so Hubby and I decided to go out with the Lil’ AMRAP. We went to Santana Row and decided to eat at Pizza Antica. Can you believe I stayed away from grains at a pizza place?!?!? I’m going to pat myself on the back for that one. We shared the warm brussel sprout salad. For my entree, I got braised short ribs in red wine glazed sauce with a side of sauteed spinach. The ribs were so freakin’ soft. I need to learn how to make my short ribs as soft as they do. Maybe the Sous Vide Supreme will do it?!

    To end the night, I had a few pieces of 85% Godiva dark chocolate.

    On Sunday, we took a trip to the Mountain View Farm’s Market. I had to pick up 50 pounds of steaks and roasts from Full of Life farm! Christmas came early because I was not expecting this package until January! I think we are set for the next 5 or 6 months with 50 pounds of beef and pork. 😉

    After we got home, I spent the rest of the day cooking up lots of veggie sides which included a spinach and mushroom sautee, roasted beets, swiss chard sautee, roasted broccoli and carrots, etc. That way all I have to do is either Sous Vide or bake some protein. It’s all about prepping and preparing your good eats!

    Sunday lunch was baked chicken thigh with braised cabbage and sauteed chard.

    We went to visit my mom and ended up staying for dinner. I felt a bit guilty about the cookies, so all I had was some bitter melon soup and 4 pieces of the Thit Bo Nuong La Lot(Beef wrapped in Betel Leaf). I hated bitter melon soup when I was a kid and really haven’t tried it since. But I swallowed it down this time and got used to the taste. Still not the greatest soup out there, but I ATE COOKIES remember?!?!

    That’s how I ended the weekend. It’s going to get busy the next few weekends, so I’m hoping to stay on the straight and narrow. This tummy flab is really starting to get to me, so I’m planning on making some sort of change this new year. We’ll see what I decide on.

    Whole30 – Day 8(08/08/11)

    9 Aug

    One week down, a few more to go! Let’s see how I got through my Whole30 today.

    I started the day by making dinner. I felt like I cooked a whole bunch of stuff today, but really I didn’t. I purchased a pound of Italian Sausage from Full of Life on Sunday, and decided to make meatballs out of them. I had some extra ground beef leftover that was sitting in the fridge as well, so I rolled that meat up too. I basically took Nom Nom Paleo’s Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe, substituting spaghetti noodles with Zucchini noodles.

    Once I got everything going for the meatballs, I fried up a few eggs for me and lil’ muhckin’. I topped the burger with a fried egg and added some roasted broccoli to eat for the greens. As lunch rolled around, I had some chicken veggie soup while feeding lil’ munchkin’ his lunch.

    There wasn’t much chicken in the veggie soup, so I ended up consuming a bag of Organic Roast Beef deli meat from Applegate Farms. I had half an avocado with the roast beef as well. It’s a great snack when you are in desperate need of something to snack on besides fruit…but I did snack on fruit as well 😉

    Dinner rolled around, and I couldn’t wait to try the Zucchini noodles. Let me tell you…it definitely tasted like noodles. Maybe it was because of the wonder peeler that I had, which made the texture of the zucchini taste exactly like noodles. Not too thin, and not too thick!

    For snacks, I had some Seasnax, Primal Pac, and watermelon. Yes – I’m hungry! It’s probably because I’m trying to produce extra milk for lil’ AMRAP and my energy level is close to 0! Babies need to adapt quicker!! LOL. J/K.