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Whole30 – Day 4(08/04/11)

7 Aug

Another day in the books. I didn’t have much of a breakfast, because my mornings are pretty hectic. I fried up 4 eggs for lil’ munchkin’ and I, but I ended up eating maybe 1/3 of it. After I fed lil’ munchkin’, I quickly prepped dinner, which was Red Curry with Grass Fed Brisket by Nom Nom Paleo. I used red curry because we like spice, but I should start stocking up on the yellow curry as well.

When it was about 11, I was able to finally warm up some leftover slow cooker chicken and carrots to munch on. It wasn’t much, so I was supper hungry, and snacked a lot. I ate mangoes, hard boiled eggs, and some procscuitto.

My order of Seasnax arrived just in time as well, and I had two packets. They are yummy! I’ve tasted the onion and original flavor. I love that it doesn’t have any soybean oil in it. Can I bring these to the sushi restaurants and ask them to use these wraps instead?!?!? Wishful thinking huh?!

Once we got the kids to bed, hubby dug into the curry beef stew. He said it was DELICIOUS and had about 4 bowls. Not full bowls though. If you know my husband, he doesn’t pack on a full plate at once, unlike yours truly. He just gets enough to eat, then go back for more. He says it’s fine dining…maybe that’s why he never gains any weight.

Here’s the pics of my eats…

Our lil’ watermelon a.k.a “AMRAP” has arrived!

1 Aug

Our little watermelon AKA lil’ AMRAP, has arrived! He was born on July 20 at 9:30PM weighing in at 7lbs and 4oz. Can you believe lil’ AMRAP was overdue! We were reaching 41 weeks, until Wednesday when I started to feel contractions at 7:30 in the morning. At first, I wasn’t really sure if it was contractions, because it just felt like he was sitting really low and putting pressure on my bladder. But then the pressure went away and I thought it was nothing. Until 10 or 15 minutes later, it came back. Uuuh oooh, here we go!

I actually went to go visit my Grandma at 9:30AM, and wanted to run some errands thinking I could just work through the pain for a bit. But the contractions started to come more often and hurt more, so I knew I had to bring lil’ munchkin’ to my Dad’s house, and call hubby. Hubby was actually sitting in the dentist chair getting his teeth fixed. He got out of there as fast as he could, while I was at home trying to think of all the things we needed to bring. I actually was trying to clean the house real quick make sure our sink wasn’t full of dirty dishes and throw out any leftovers we had in the refrigerator. Yes, I’m weird like that. Oooh and I had to make sure we had all “i” items with us. You know…iPhone, iPad, iCharger…etc.

We got to the hospital at 11:30, and it was sort of a painful ride. I was feeling contractions every 5 minutes, and I had to take deep breathes to get through them. I wanted to stop by In-n-Out to get something to eat. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat anything once I got the epidural, but hubby said we should just go to the hospital.

Once I was admitted, and the doc came by to check on me, I was 5cm dilated! The doc broke my water to speed things along, and I got my EPI pretty fast. I LOVE THE EPI! Much props to all ladies who don’t get the epidural, because that is some pain that you have to go through. A much much harder WOD!! I started to push at 3:30, but the nurse said the baby was in the occiput posterior position (OP or sunny side up). They wanted me to just wait it out, and see if we could get the baby to turn. I had to lay on one side for 20 minutes in the “Texas Roadhouse” position. Then I would switch to the other side for another 20 minutes, and so on. We didn’t try to push again until 8:30, and AMRAP was still OP.

I honestly believe that Crossfit got me through pushing because the way I had to push was similar to the substitution movement I had to do for an ab-mat sit up! The sub movement was for me to sit on the corner of the box with my legs near my chest, for the starting position. Then I would push out my legs and my upper body, and then bring it back together. Not the best description. The nurse said “Curl over your baby” and push for 10 seconds. If you’ve ever been in the delivery room, you know how my legs were positioned, and how you have to use your core. Anyways, I pushed for an hour, and our lil’ AMRAP came out at 9:30PM, weighing in at 7lb 4oz.

Lil’ AMRAP was 2 pounds heavier than lil’ munchkin’. CRAZY. Who knew my body could handle THAT! LOL. The delivery doc said she was very doubtly that I would be able to have a normal delivery, and was very surprised that I was able to push him out. I’m just happy lil’ AMRAP is healthy, and my recovery is going way better than the first time around.

It’s been almost two weeks since lil’ AMRAP arrived, and I’m sort of ready to start working out again. We’ll see though, I think I’ll do some light stuff at home, maybe run a mile and see how it goes. I’ve been binging on junk these past two weeks, so I’m ready for Whole30 as well. I really have to focus now on losing the weight, maybe even losing some muscle at first. Then I can focus on performance and strength. I’m not sure how I’m going to juggle this all, but I have to.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. You know I’ve been hiding, trying to juggle multiple things at once, and I haven’t had the best eating habits. That is all going to change August 1st when I do the big reset. Till then, hope everyone enjoyed the Crossfit Games and got inspired by the athletes determination and heart!

06/24/2011 – Friday’s WOD and Yesterday’s Eats…

25 Jun

I keep forgetting to take pictures of what I eat. I guess blogging wasn’t really on my mind. My meals have been pretty clean except for when I’m bored(around 3 or 4), and I end up snacking on bad stuff(chocolate and cream puffs…LOL). Yes, I had Caramel Squares from Ghiradelli Chocolate on Wednesday, and two Beard Papa’s vanilla cream puffs yesterday. Other than that, I’ve been eating paleo. Yes, I know…not healthy.

Okay onto todays WOD! We worked on max strict pull-ups and max kipping pull ups. I used the blue band for strict pull-ups and only did 5 each time. For the kipping pull ups, I did a max of 7 RX’d. I think I need to work on my grip to get more reps in.

Now the fun metcon:

1000m row, 21 Deadlifts(155/115#), 800m row, 21 Deadlifts

I decided to start with the row, because that would take me the longest. It took me 5 minutes to finish the row. A bit slow, but I tried. The deadlifts should of felt light to me, but after the row, it didn’t!! LOL. What the hell!! I wasn’t fasta with the run, but once I got back, I tried to finish the last 21 deadlifts as fast as I could.

Result: 13:23 RX’d.

I CAN NOT WAIT TO DO THIS WOD AGAIN!!! I hope we do it again. Tim has been programming a lot of row and run wods together…I wonder what is up his sleeve. LOL. Oh ya, I’m quite happy that my water didn’t break at the gym today. Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen while I’m NOT with hubby. πŸ™‚

06/22/2011 – Time to catch up…

22 Jun

Yes, I’ve been M.I.A. This past week was pretty busy for me with Father’s Day and getting extra hours in for work. My eats have not been clean at all, and I’ve only worked out twice(last Friday and today). But now, I’m on maternity leave, and just going to relax and enjoy my time at home with Lil’ Munchkin’. πŸ™‚

Let’s see if I can remember what we did on Friday..oh yes..Time Trials.

  • 50 Pull ups – 1:47? I did jumping pull ups. The previous time I did regular pull ups and it took me 4:47
  • 400m run – 1:39 I lost about 10 seconds from the last time we did this in November.
  • 50 push ups – I forgot how long it took me, 3-4 minutes
  • 50 squats – 1:09? I lost 10 seconds here as well. I knew I wasn’t going fast enough, but I thought I could get it under a minute. Last time we did this, I got :59.
  • 50 sit ups – I sat on a box and did something similar to sit ups. This was surprisingly difficult. I forgot what time I got.
  • 500m row-2:14 This was hard. I was trying to work on form the whole time, and my average was about 2:04 until the last 100m. I just lost my technique, and couldn’t keep up with the average. I got 2:04 when we did this in November.
  • Now onto today’s workout. First, I made a full of myself and tripped over my foot while doing the warmups. BLEH! I need to be more careful. It was a little scary afterwards, but I think I felt watermelon kick. Actually he’s kicking right now, knowing that I’m talking about him. πŸ™‚

    We worked on Front Squats, and I partnered up with Carol. I wasn’t trying to break any PRs or anything, but I still wanted it to be difficult.

    Front Squats: 63#(5)-83#(5)-93#(3)-98#(3)-103#(#)-108#(3)

    I think my PR is somewhere near 133#

    Our WOD today was:

  • 10->1 Pull Ups
  • 1->10 KB Swings(32/24kg)
  • I decided to use the 16kg today because the last time I used the 20kg, I pulled a groin muscle. That was 2 fridays ago, and I still sort of feel it. I did the pull-ups rx’d. I can’t wait to do all these workouts again as RX’d.

    Result: 7:56

    Time to relax and just kick my feet up. Ya right…I got tons of things to do. Let’s hope I don’t go crazy on my eats either. It’s the lack of time, and not preparing which is hurting me. Plus, all my “cheats” turned out to be not so great afterwards.

    06/07/2011 – Clean Eats

    8 Jun

    It’s only Tuesday!? Thankfully it’s a short week at work. I need to get my SH*T together though, because I have a lot to do at home before baby comes, and I have a lot to do at work before I leave. SIGH! This is what I get for not planning ahead and worrying. LOL.

    I started the day off with a Tall Dry Cappuccino with Heavy Cream. I drank half of it, and threw it away. Too much cream and not enough coffee. For breakfast, I had the last of my Tandoori Chicken Leg with some cabbage. Very little cabbage.

    I munched on few strawberries with coco cream for a snack. Lunch rolled around, and I had my porktastic meatloaf with half a sweet potato. It was yummier the day after… maybe because it wasn’t as moist.

    To get me through the afternoon, I had some macadamia nuts. When I got home, Lil’ Munchkin’ and I munched on the last of the watermelon.

    I put out a Grass Fed Top Sirloin steak for us to marinate. I forgot to take a pic of my steak, but it was basically an 8oz steak with asparagus and bell peppers. I ate more than half and saved the rest for lunch. Yummy to my tummy. I ended the night with a piece of 85% dark chocolate. That got watermelon kicking my tummy, so I couldn’t really fall asleep until after 10PM. I’m trying to enjoy my last few weeks of being pregnant, but it’s a bit difficult. I guess I’ll enjoy it with more fruit, because after I have this baby, I need to start slimming down and getting my STRENF! back!!!

    Weekend Recap(06/03-06/5) – My Good Eats for the Weekend & Norcal Regionals

    6 Jun

    What a weekend??!?! Exhausting, fun, tiring, and hectic. I spent all day Friday and most of Saturday at the Norcal Regional Crossfit Games. It was fun to hang out and cheer on our girl Maddie from CFPA. She placed 18th overall, and took 1st place in workout #4 in her heat. It was the most inspiring thing to witness, and yes people are going to be stepping up their game after watching all the competitors compete. Thanks to The Lazy Caveman, I got a picture with Miranda Oldroyld. If you don’t know her, look her up…she is BADASS!

    I’m not going to recap EVERY single thing that I ate this weekend. I did have some non-Paleo food, which included ice cream Friday and Saturday night, and some white carbs on Saturday. Bad I know, and I ate it while I was by myself. How sad was that!!! I was bored and had nothing to do, and all I thought about was food – definitely a bad situation to put yourself in while trying to eat clean. I also had some heavy cream with coffee Saturday, and tzatiki sauce with my Greek food on Sunday. Sunday, I kept my meals to the Paleo/Primal standards. I tried a new restaurant in Willow Glen called Opa!

    We got The Gyro Meat Platter to start:

    Then I ordered the Opa! Lettuce Wraps:

    It was freakin’ yummy, and I was so full that I barely ate any dinner. I just had few slices of Applegate Organic Genoa Salami with 1/4 of an avocado.

    I prepped a “Porktastic Bacon-Topped Meatloaf” by Nom Nom Paleo, for Monday night’s dinner. Let’s hope I did it right, because it was the first time I’ve ever made meatloaf. I also took Lil’ Munchkin’ to the Campbell Farmer’s Market. They moved the vendors around, but it looks like there are more vendors now that Summer as arrived(sort of). Lots of fruits, yummy veggies, and beautiful people strolling around on a Sunday morning.

    Anyways, hope everyone’s week starts off great. Hopefully the rain stops and we start to get some more sunshine here in Northern Cali. Oooh ya, I’m hoping to have this baby by the end of the month. But we’ll see. πŸ™‚ He is definitely moving around in there, and I was afraid that I was going to have this baby while hubby was away. But nope, hubby came back, and baby is still marinating in the oven. Pheeewww!

    The Paleo Baby

    26 May

    I wanted to mention that I recently followed Dawn from The Paleo Baby on Twitter.

    She sent me an email asking me if I would like to answer some questions for a post she was going to write about in regards to paleo, pregnancy, and food cravings. Of course, I said yes, and on Monday and Wednesday, she posted about the topic. Post 1 focused more on “pregnancy cravings” and if Paleo had any affect on stopping it. Post 2, where my thoughts were incorporated, focused more on what you can do with pressure from people who don’t eat Paleo. Dawn wrote a great post, and her thoughts are almost exactly like mine.

    I have a hubby who is not fully Paleo, but he eats whatever I make. If he wants rice or noodles, he’ll make it. I don’t try to force anything upon him. I’d like to think that I’m not that bad of a cook, and that is why he can stand my Paleo foods. And I hate saying Paleo…it’s real food people. Real beefy goodness made with lots of spices, minimal salt, and this may be a surprise to those on the other spectrum, but FULL OF FLAVOR!

    Anyways, I’ve digressed. Like I told Dawn and I may have mentioned it in my other posts, eating real foods(or Paleo) has helped me keep my strength in Crossfit. It gives me the energy to get up 3 times a week at the crack of dawn, and be involved in a great community like CFPA. It’s also given me energy to keep up with my 19 month old who is getting faster, stronger, and more intelligent by the hour, while pregnant. I’m not saying I don’t get exhausted, because I do. It’s just my exhaustion happens less often then most people who are 8 months pregnant.

    So, if you are pregnant, keep eating healthy for you, your growing baby, and the people around you. If you do stray and treat yourself, make sure it’s worth it!!! Cravings are cravings, and we fight them everyday, pregnant or not. Especially if our goal is to stay healthy. Try not to use the “pregnant” excuse to eat greasy and starchy foods EVERY SINGLE DAY. Trust me, you’ll regret it when 7 months comes around and you can’t do anything for yourself.