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01/07/2013 – Whole30 Day 7

8 Jan

I took 3 days off from working out and I feel so refreshed!  I went to CFPA today and it felt great to get moving again, and I feel really motivated to train hard and reach my goals.

Here’s what we did.

Strength: Hang Power Cleans

Every 3 minutes do 5 reps: 53#-63#-73#-78#-83#

I wasn’t trying to go super heavy because I wanted to make sure form was on point.  


7 Rounds For Time

7 Thrusters(75#/55#)


7 Burpees

WOWZA!  In my head I thought 7 thrusters at 55#…easy!  I also thought this WOD was going to be fast.  It happens every time with CrossFit.  When you think a WOD is easy, better think again.  I went unbroken with the thrusters.  The bar definitely felt light going over head, but I was getting tired, so I didn’t string the SDHP together. Burpees were burpees. Painful. I now know that I have to just keep moving and get them done.

After CrossFit I usually lift and today was Back Squats. Did 5×5 but failed on the last set to get the full 5 reps at 140#. Did some dumbbell lunges to work on grip strength and plank holds.

I have a whole schedule planned out to work on weaknesses for the Courage Games. Yes, I signed up for a competition and now I’m nervous and excited. Tim gave us great suggestions on what we needed to do, so I’m trying to incorporate skills on off days while getting some rowing and running in. I’ll continue to lift after CrossFit sticking to Back Squat, Deadlifts, Bench, and Press. I do have to focus a bit more time in working the gymnastic skills, especially HSPUs. I’ll be lucky if I can complete 10 HSPUs by the end of the month. All in the name of FUN! Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store. I’m definitely have tons of new energy right now. I want to keep it consistent though, and not tire myself out come spring time.

Cheers to health and fitness!

Goodbye 2012…Hello 2013!

3 Jan

Yes, I’ve disappeared for a few months.  I wanted to disconnect a bit because I was spending too much time on social media and not focusing more of my time on more important things.  For example, blogging took my time away from focusing on work and trying to better my career.

Nothing has changed much in my life.  I’m still super busy with the kids, busy at work, still lovin” CrossFit, still eating clean(except for December), and still trying to reach my fitness goals.  I’m gaining strength and enjoying my workouts.  I don’t really run much anymore, but lately I’ve been missing it.  Physique wise, I’m not completely there yet, but I will be.  I’m hoping I won’t need to focus on it so much, and just put all my energy towards my strength goals.  Then the physique part will come with it.  I HAVE TO STAY CONSISTENT and STICK WITH THE PLAN.  I can’t let temptation get the best of me.  And yes, I’m talking about food. I love eating clean because it makes my body feel good, and I feel horrible when I don’t eat clean. Staying focused and in control is the only way I’ll succeed.

I’ve learned so much in 2012 in regards to nutrition and fitness, especially since I worked with a couple nutrition coaches.  Everyone’s body is so different, and honestly, you just gotta find what works for you.  Lots of experiments and patience.  Patience is key, and I’m hoping patience will also get me to where I want to be in 2013.  


08/25 and 08/26 – Weekend Good Eats

26 Aug

Here’s some food that I ate two weeks ago! I went to a baby shower at a Nail Salon. We got to relax, get our nails did, and enjoy GF time. Love my girls.

I didn’t take many pics of what I ate. I just remember I ate clean except for the alcohol that I consumed at the shower. 🙂





08/11/2012 – LA Wedding Recap

15 Aug

HELLO! I’m so behind on my posts. Let’s just say I fell off the clean eats bandwagon on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I tried to live a little. And guess what…mother nature came for a visit. FINALLY. I wonder if it has anything to do with adding over 200g of carbs back into my diet(that number is a guess), for a couple of days. Let’s just say I’m back on the straight and narrow and more focused than ever. Not happy with how chunky I look, but I think my metabolism is repairing itself right now. I’m definitely getting stronger and gaining muscle, that’s for sure. Just not losing any fat yet, which makes for a thick XFitMama.

Anyways, I started to take pics of what I ate Friday, and then didn’t really remember to take pics the rest of the weekend. I had alcohol, cupcakes(mmmMMMMmmm), tuna melts sandwiches, pancakes, chicken melt sandwiches, late night in-n-out runs(protein style of course), and DIM SUM! I can’t go to LA without dim sum. 🙂 I was craving veggies by the end and got a roasted veggies salad at California Pizza Kitchen. Best salad ever!

Here’s a few pics from the trip.

Family- on our way to West Covina

Enjoying a cassini in Manhattan Beach

Smoked Salmon Salad

Carrot Soup

Hubs and Lil’ Munchkin’ at Manhattan Beach

Garlic Shrimp and Scallop Stir Fry at Monsoon, The Promenade

Thinnest Hamachi Ever!

Friends going to the Wedding

The Wong and Le Clan

Oh, and I got a good workout in on Saturday. I went to a 24 Hour Fitness with a couple of the guys. I had a choice between shopping and working out, and of course I chose the workout. I deadlifted and benched with them, then we went our separate ways. Hmm…maybe because I caused a scene when we deadlifted. LOL. I did dumbell snatches, walking lunches, 500m row, and back extensions. Yes, it was very random, but I didn’t know what else to do. I felt so lost in a globo gym, but it definitely felt good to get a lifting session in. Especially since I had a huge breakfast that morning(omelet, pancakes).

That’s a wrap for the LA trip. Jen asked me to stay strict this week, and I have to. I just gotta follow the plan.

07/20/2012 – Happy 1st Birthday Lil AMRAP

21 Jul

Today is Lil’ AMRAP’s bday!! My baby is 1 and I wish he could stay this age forever. He’s learning so fast and his personality is showing more and more each day. Maybe because he’s the second child, but he picks things up faster and is always attentive, wanting to be involved in everything we do! He’s not walking yet, but give it a month and I think he’ll get there.

We spent the day prepping for the big party tomorrow. I’ve been on my feet for most of the day, so I am beat! Let’s do a quick recap of what I ate.

When I got home from my workout, I made a spinach white egg omelet with veggies, sweet potatoes, and blueberries.



I got hungry at about 1130, but couldn’t eat till 12. I ate some flank steak with cabbage and beans. I’m really not feeling the beans. I used to like it in chili, but it’s been a couple years since I’ve eaten them, and they aren’t appetizing to me. I’m clueless as to how to cook them too, besides a stir fry. Anyways, I ate all the steak and. Abbas. I didn’t finish the beans.


I was hungry by 130, but was able to hold out until 2:30. I just took whatever protein I had left in the fridge and ate it with sauerkraut and roasted broccoli. I think it was 3 pork meatballs and I drumstick.


For Lil’ AMRAP’s birthday dinner, we went to The Counter. I was tempted with burgers, sweet potato fries, and ice cream sandwiches!


Here’s the kids munchin’ away!



I got the market special which was a 1/3lb halibut salad with grilled asparagus and avocado. Yum!


Hubs always gets a cheese burger and he never finishes! I could easily finish his half and more!


While the kids played at the playground, I stopped by Kara’s Cupcake to pick up something for Lil’ AMRAP. You gotta have something to blow in your first bday!


I spent the rest of the night cleaning, prepping, baking, and rearranging furniture. So pooped! Another long day tomorrow!

06/27/2012 -Good Eats and Overeating

28 Jun

Aaaah, everything was great with my eats today until the end. Sigh. Let’s start off with all the good eats I had through the day.

After I got to my desk(8ish), I quickly scarfed up my egg white omelet with mushrooms and veggies. I roasted some beets, so I had some of that as well. I’m not sure how I feel about beets yet. They still have this weird after taste to me. Anyways, today was a starchy day, so I had my sweet potato and fruit.

I ate lunch around 12. It was Moroccan Meatballs with veggies and more of the beets from my breakfast.

I had my third meal right before I left work at 4. Pan-seared scallops with sauteed greens and carrots. Yummy!

All those meals kept me full until 7:30. We didn’t want to eat until after we put the kids to bed. I had SousVided a few pieces of GrassFed Sirloin Tip Steaks and all I needed to do was pan fry them. It turned out delicious! I had that with Dill Pickle Sauerkraut and Ginger Beet sauerkraut. My fats were avocado and macadamia nuts.

Now…here comes the bad. I decided to roast some cashews for emergency purposes. I ended up tasting a few, and all of a sudden, I ate almost all of the cashews that I did roast. 😦 I should of stopped myself, but I didn’t! Ugh! I feel pudgy now and not really happy with myself. I did so well, then I decided to snack. I need to stay focused and not slip at all. Jen has given me rules on the “off meal” plans and I should implement them the correct way, not take advantage of them. I should feel lucky that I even get “off meal” plans. This makes me want to go run a few miles, or do an extra workout. But no, I will not do that. I must deal with overeating by other means. I can’t continue to compensate bad habits with over-training. That will just get me in trouble with my hormones and screw them up even more. Okay, rant over. Today(Thursday) will be better!

06/11/2012 – Workout Recaps

12 Jun

I haven’t been blogging consistently because I’ve been busy with other stuff. Here’s a recap of what I did last Wednesday, Friday, and yesterday at CrossFit.


Bear Complex – Finished at 73#

I love the bear complex workout, and I should of fought harder for the 83# weight. I finished the 83# at 6 reps. I had one more to go and couldn’t get it. The hardest part was the back squat to push press, then cleaning again. It’s that moment when I’m telling myself I could get one more, but my body is telling me NOOO! LOL. I tried again at 83# but could only get 4 reps. I decided to rest and finish the last last 3 reps even though I know it wouldn’t count.


Press – 53#(3)-63#(3)-73#(3)-78#(3)-80#(1)-83#(1)

3 Rounds for Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 15 Box Jumps 24″
  • 15 Pull Ups
  • Result: I forgot!!

    I knew I had to go fast with the WOD. I didn’t do it RX’d because the box jumps were 24″. I felt sluggish and tired. Probably because of all the crap I was eating this past week.


    Snatches: 63#(5)-73#(3)-73#(3)-75#(3)

    5 Rounds For Time:

  • 5R/5L Kettlebell Snatches(24kg/16kg)
  • 10 Goblet Squats
  • 10 Burpees
  • Results: 8:53 RX’d

    Bench Press: 80#(8)-75#(12)-70#(14), 40 GHD Situps

    I was not feeling the snatches today. I’m going to stick at 73# until I know I can snatch with good form CONSISTENTLY. The WOD was fun. I love KB workouts, so this was right up my ally. I still need to use the hips more. I got to work and did a set of bench presses. I went lighter this week with slightly higher reps because I haven’t done bench in a couple of weeks. I did 40 GHD situps, 20 before the bench and 20 after. I wonder if I’ll feel anything tomorrow. 😉

    I hope everyone is still working out and eating healthy. I definitely haven’t been eating well, but I’m back at it now, and ready to stop abusing my body. It’s been through hell this past week and a half, and I can’t totally feel it and see it. I took pics yesterday and they were not pretty. It’s okay though, I’m not going to dwell on it. I made a conscious decision to eat whatever I want whenever I wanted, so I’m not going to feel guilty about it. Another journey begins to get stronger and leaner!!

    Went on a Hack-cation

    7 Jun

    I haven’t been blogging much because I went on a hack-cation, not sure if anyone even noticed. 😉

    What’s a hack-cation you ask? Well let’s see if I can break it down. A vacation is when you take time off from doing what you normally do in your everyday lift to go somewhere. Hawaii, Caribbean, Europe, you name it, you are there. That’s definitely not what I did. Sissy went to St. Maarten though. So jealous. A stay-cation is when you take time off from work to just stay at home. I didn’t do that either. Wish I could of stayed home and spent more time with the kids, but I didn’t. Sue me now. Bad mom, I know. So why else would I want to “waste” PTO? Well, I had this idea to make an app, and I wanted to get a good start on it. The only way for me to do that is to be able to wake up and focus on it without a million other things trying to get my attention. Just plain focus on learning and “hacking”(hacking==developing) code. I think hacking is the new hipster term. Yes, I’m a 31 yr old mom with 2 kids, trying to be hip. LOL, not really.

    My “office” during Hack-cation

    Since I went on a hack-cation, I went on a “diet break” as well. No measuring, tracking, etc. Just did whatever I wanted. If I wanted to eat a paleo krunch bar, I did. If I wanted to eat some cashews, I did. If I wanted to kill half a loaf of PaleOmg’s Banana Bread, I DID!

    If I wanted to have a piece of bread…I DID! No food plan, no stressing out. My digestive system is working on overload. I’m trying not to care right now. I’ll be back at it soon. So far, it’s been 4 or 5 days. I feel a bit fluffy, but oh well. I do plan on getting back to the goal, which is leaning out and getting strong, and I have a new nutrition coach lined up. I’m pretty excited. 🙂 Anyways, here are some pics of the eats I’ve been eating.

    Lots of coffee with heavy cream and light SUGAR

    Steak Salad from Steak Out in Mountain View

    Halibut from Yardhouse

    Ethiopian Food at Cafe Rehobooth

    And those pics are the healthy eats. I’ve definitely had unhealthy eats too. I couldn’t take a picture of any of it because I scarfed it down too fast. Lots of Hawaiian bread, that I bought for Lil’ Munchkin’. Lots of dark chocolate. A crumble blueberry muffin. I had to look long and hard for these cheats because my pantry had nothing to snack on! Nothing worthwhile that is. Well, besides the Hawaiian Bread. And last night..I had a Ice Mint Mojito from Philz with 2 cookies. Be jealous. And now, my tummy is screaming at me. Ya, you might not be jealous about that. 🙂 Go hard or go home, right?!

    I’ll be back at the daily hustle sometime next week.

    05/16/2012 – Good Eats

    18 May

    If you haven’t heard, CBS San Francisco is airing a 5 part series on Paleo. You can find the first 3 segments, here, here, and here. Check it out and get some good info on why eating the Paleo Lifestyle will benefit your health.

    Onto my good eats for the day. Today was much better that I didn’t get hungry until 11:15. Maybe working out helps with my fast and drinking some coffee.

    I broke my fast with a 6 egg omelet, 400g of sweet potato fries and 50g of chestnuts. Delish!


    Next up was Melissa J’s Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat wrapped in red butter lettuce with roasted bell peppers. Yes, I made this wraps sitting at my desk. 🙂 You will not regret making this chicken. So moist and the flavor is divine!


    For dinner, I took out some Wild Scallops I bought at Trader Joe’s and pan fried them with bacon grease, salt, and pepper. Dinner was on the table in minutes.


    I ended the night with a couple handful of cashews. Not on the plan. I had to get rid of these cashews, so I made some banana bread from PaleOmg.

    No more cooking dinner until Saturday. We have a ton of leftovers, so I want to clear all this food out before I start cooking again on Saturday. The GFs are coming over for dinner and it looks like pork tenderloin roast and skirt steak are on the menu. I hope they like it.

    04/22/2012 – Good Eats

    23 Apr

    Today was a complete rest day, and I woke up still feeling full from all the protein I ate yesterday. Such a pig I tell ya!

    Anyways, we had another busy day. We wanted to take the kids to the beach because it was so darn hot. We also wanted to get out of SJ by 10 to beat any traffic, so I had to be quick at the Campbell Farmer’s Market. I picked up veggies to fill our week. I need to stop buying food because our fridge is filled to the rim. I’m not sure how we are going to store 80# of grass fed meat from Morris GrassFed Beef that is suppose to come in June.

    Once I got home and dumped all the veggies in the fridge, we headed out to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Unfortunately the weather was freakin’ COLD! We were not prepared for this weather. It was windy and cold, and the kids and I were wearing shorts and t-shirts. I felt bad for coming up with the idea to beat the heat, but we tried to have a good time. I didn’t break my fast until 12ish with a roasted turkey leg. I forgot to take a pic because I was HUNGRY!

    Here’s Lil’ Munchkin’ playing skeeball for the first time!

    Oh, I had a small bit of the chocolate covered bacon at Marini’s at the Beach. It was okay. I’d rather make this at home with dark chocolate. Not loving milk chocolate anymore.

    Once we got home, I quickly got to cooking our dinner. Around Easter time, 4505 Meats had their annual Rabbit CSA. After seeing the NomBomb clan have it last year, I decided to pick one up this year. I know Easter was a few weeks ago, but I was on a strict diet plan, so I couldn’t really eat it then. It was my first time cooking rabbit, and the instructions given were quite simple and easy to follow. Good stuff!!

    Loin and Saddle with Pesto Sauce:

    Braised Rabbit Shoulder and Leg:

    Rabbit Sausage with Romeso Sauce:

    Our dinner guests thought everything was delicious! I think we’ll be cooking rabbit more often. Taste just like chicken!

    Another day with protein overload. Time to stick with my meal plans for the rest of the week and see how I do. I’m not sure if having a goal and no one to watch over me is going to work. I have no self control when no one is watching. Sigh! The weekends are the hardest too. We’ll see what happens soon enough.