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07/09/2012 – CFPA Closes for CrossFit Games Week

10 Jul

Aaaah, The 2012 CrossFit Games week is upon us! I wish I was going next weekend, but plans changed. Next year, for sure! It’s gonna be madness at The Home Depot Center, but fun madness. So jealous of everyone going. I’ll be watching it on ESPN as much as I can.

Since today was the last day of workouts for us until next Wednesday, I had to get my butt out of bed at 4:30 and get a good workout in. Today we worked on Pistols.

Pistols: 5(BW)-5(12kg)-3(16kg)-3(16kg)-1(24kg)

My pistols are strong when my right leg is extended. I had trouble stringing together the 16kg with my left leg extended. I lose balance. These things I can practice. Practice practice practice.

Here’s our WOD:

12 Minute AMRAP:

  • 3 Deadlifts(315/225#) Used 185#
  • 9 Bar Hop Burpees
  • 18 Double Unders
  • Result: 6 Rounds + 6 Reps

    Let’s just say this was a great send off. I tried to keep my form as perfect as possible, but as I got tired, it was hard to keep my abs tight while I pulled. Again, with burpees and double unders, you just have to keep moving. I’m happy with my score.

    Tim told me to rest and recover this week, and I think I will do that. I don’t plan on lifting on Wednesday, I’ll get some Yoga in on Thursday, and then do a lifting session(no WOD) on Friday. Plus, I’m going to sleep in a bit!! YAY!

    Day 18 of Push Up Challenge done.

    06/28/2012 – Good Eats

    29 Jun

    Howdy! After my rant yesterday, I still felt like crap and my stomach didn’t look too pretty either. BLEH! Here’s a pic of the jar of cashews. It was filled to the rim until I crushed it.

    More importantly, what did I do today to recover from my nut binge. I woke up in the morning and did my 45 minute walk, took my greens, probiotics, and fish oil. Even though you can get probiotics from sauerkraut and bone broth, I still take a supplement in case I’m not able to eat my probiotics. As far as greens…well, you can never get enough greens(says Jen).

    Once I got to my desk at work, I scarfed down an egg mushroom omelet with veggies and avocado.
    There’s lots of brussel sprouts hiding underneath those eggs.

    For lunch I ate leftover top sirloin with veggies and 1/4 of an avocado, and roasted beets.

    I eat a lot of avocado on rest days. I usually take one avocado and split it into 4s. The servings is suppose to be 1/4 a cup, so I think splitting it into 4s is okay.

    For my 3rd meal, I had leftover GrassFed Rib Eye with sauerkraut and nuked broccoli.

    I had sous vide some pork belly last night, so that was going to be dinner for hubby and I. I also put some drumsticks into the oven and roasted it with cabbage. The pork belly turned out delicious! I marinated it with garlic powder, 5 Chinese Spice, Salt, and Pepper. I took the pork belly out in the morning and let it dry on the counter while I was at work. When we were close to eating, I put the pork belly in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes(door ajar). This made the skin a bit crispy. Of course, I didn’t really enjoy any of the fat. I peeled off the fat and just ate the meat. Surprisingly, there was plenty of meat to go around. Yummy!

    My plate consisted of mustard greens with bell peppers, pork, and 1 small drumstick. I ate probably a little too much protein, because I picked at the pork while cutting it up.

    The week is almost over! Day 7 of 100 Day Push Up Challenge done. WOOPY!

    On a side note, I am going back to Yoga. I will try to go once a week at first and see how it fits into my schedule. I don’t want it to interfere with my time with the family, so I’m going to either have to go before work on Tuesday or Thursday or during lunch. It feels so rushed going at lunch, which is the exact opposite of how I want to feel, so I’ll play it by ear. Once a week is my goal.

    04/03/2012 – Good Eats and Active Recovery Day

    4 Apr

    I woke up at 4:30 this morning and was ready to get the day going. I haven’t been sleeping well since my older boy is waking up at 12 every night calling for me. We end up bringing him into bed with us, so he doesn’t wake up the little one. Looks like we are going to be co-sleeping for awhile. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. Thank god he falls asleep in his own bed first though.

    Anyways, after getting my meals packed I hurried off to work to do some “work”. Then I went for a run with my coworker. I think we ran 5 miles this time. I chickened out with 5.5 because I didn’t want to be beat up for the rest of the week. Thankfully, he was cool with that and said I was getting better and better each week! 🙂 Half way through the run, my right hip flexor was aching. Not sure what it is, but I rolled out afterwards.

    7:30AM(S1) – After the run, I downed my SFH PWO Whey Protein with 1 tblsp of ground flaxseed.

    9:00AM(B) – I was dying to eat breakfast and scarfed it up within 10 minutes. Afterwards, I was wanting more, but didn’t have any. I complained on FB, and of course hubby reminds me to chew slower. DUH! What ever happened to taking my time to eat? Drinking water in between chewing sessions?! LOL. Yes, I need to be more mindful of eating and not try to scarf everything down at once.

    11:45PM(S2) – I’m going to yoga today at work, so I’m quickly scarfed down my 4oz lean ground turkey patty with a nuked yam. I seasoned the ground turkey with Aleppo Pepper. So tasty. Anything with aleppo pepper is tasty!

    Wow – I didn’t break a sweat in yoga, but it sure was difficult! Our teacher did Vinyasa Flow Yoga today(she switches it up every week), and my shoulders are so tense! I’m always scrunching up when I should be relaxing. I can already tell this will help my hips as well. We’ll see how next week goes.

    2:45PM(L) – After yoga and a meeting, I put my lunch together and scarfed it down. Yummy to my tummy!

    6:00PM(D) – I sat down and had dinner with lil’ munchkin’ while lil’ AMRAP just played by himself. I love Lil’ AMRAP’s age because you can sit him down anywhere with a bunch of toys in front of him, and he won’t MOVE!! Or complain, unless he’s hungry. My yummy dinner plate was salmon, asparagus, and kale. Delicious!

    Side Note: I’m one of the very lucky people who get to view NomNomPaleo’s iPad app, and let me tell you…IT’s AMAZING. I haven’t been playing around with it too much because of my April’s Best Stress Month, but after flipping through the recipes, it looks greats. The flow of each recipe is smooth, the links between each recipe is genius, such as the recipe index, and the shopping list is always helpful. I sure wish I was involved in writing this pretty little app.

    That’s all folks! Gotta hit the sack.

    April’s Best Your Stress Month

    1 Apr

    Yesterday, Chris Kresser, one of Paleo’s leading “know-it all’s”, suggested everyone use the month of April to relieve stress. The goal is to find a way to relax and de-stress from all the craziness that goes on in your world. Here is what I am going to do to relieve the stress in my life.

  • Stop using my phone, computer, and iPad, 1 hour before going to bed, and pick up a real book to read.
  • Sign up for a Yoga class, and go at least once a week
  • I need to step away from my computer, from social media, my phone, EVERYTHING!

    I am completely surrounded by hardware everywhere: work, home, going out…EVERYWHERE. It’s too much. So I want to shut it down, and pay more attention to my kids, more to my family, and more attention to myself. I think this little step will help in that process. My reading books have been stacking up. I haven’t finished the Steve Jobs autobiography, and I recently ordered two new books, The Happiness Project and The Hunger Games, which I haven’t even put a dent in. I think replacing electronics with reading is a great way to de-stress from a busy day at work, and will help me physically and mentally. I actually thought about taking a whole Sunday off from electronics instead, but I think that’s a little tough. I already failed this morning. 😉 So baby steps that are do-able is that right way to go for me.

    Next thing I’ll do is yoga! I’ve been thinking about going back to Bikram Yoga for awhile now.

    I did Bikram Yoga in 2008 for 8 months, and I loved it. I want to go back once a week, on Thursdays during lunch. I think this will help me relax during the middle of the workday, and also help with my mobility for CrossFit.

    I think Chris’s article came at a great time for me. I’ve been trying to take too much on at one time, and not paying attention to the important things in life. Want to join me?! Find something that will help you be stress free for the month of April. I’m sure in the end, you’ll thank yourself. 🙂