What is paleo and why follow it? Basically it’s a way of eating that includes meat, fish, vegetables, oils, nuts and fruit. Some may say sugar substitutes are ok, but I say no, no substitutes. If you are going to have sugar, use the real deal like raw honey, high grade maple syrup, etc. If you are trying to stop those sugar demons, don’t have any, which includes limiting fruit to 0-1 servings. Fruit is the candy from the tree, and can cause some inflammation and irritation in people. Below are links to more information about Paleo and recipes that are in Paleo form.

Do I follow Paleo 100%? HELL NO! Maybe I’m at the 80/20 rule and moving my way towards the 99.9/.1 rule. But I’m doing the best that I can, because I know this way of eating has made me healthier. But the main difference when I was eating clean whole foods was my skin. I used to go to dermatologist and get facials every month thinking people needed to work on my skin, but it was all internal. It was the food that I was consuming that caused my skin to be red and caused my skin to flare. DUH!!

Try it for 30 days, its just 30 days out of your entire life. If you don’t like it, go back to what you were doing before. Honestly, no harm will be done. Happy eating!

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