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24 hours till I leave on a jet plane!

29 Aug

5:00 – worked on triceps.  then did stairmaster for 30 minutes

7:00 – a banana

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sle – Tuesday, August 28, 2007

28 Aug

5:00 – worked on back and biked for 30 minutes

6:45 – a banana and an egg white

9:00 – an egg white

11:00 – carrots and an egg white

11:15 – Ran for 15 minutes then did boot camp for 20 minutes

12:30 – Cantelope and pineapple

3:00 – Veggie Soup

4:20 – watermelon and cantelope

6:30 – granola with yogurt and cantelope

8:00 – cashews, pineapple, and dried fruit

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sle – Monday, August 27, 2007

27 Aug

5:00 – Worked on biceps and then did elliptical for 30 minutes

6:45 – a banana

9:00 – strawberries n cream oatmeal and an egg white

11:00 – an apple

11:45 – walked for 40 minutes

1:00 – chili and an egg white

2:20- grapes and strawberries

3:30 – watermelon

5:00 – after eating all the watermelon and peeing it all out at target…i was freakin' HUNGRY.  shaking hungry.  so i had to buy a orange cranberry muffin at the starbucks.  i ate more than half the muffin.  it filled me and it taste soooo good!  LOL.  but i felt bad.

7:30 – sweet potato fries and fruit and dried cranberries

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Get Back into the Grind Steph…

26 Aug

7:30 – Tried to run the entire 10K.  Ran for 45 minutes, then walked for 5 minutes, ran for 5 minutes again, and then walked the rest.  Finished at about 73 minutes.  Not too bad, but i'm worried about my right knee, cause it started to give out on me.  We'll see how I do on cement

9:50 – Granola with yogurt and strawberries.  I made a blueberry/strawberry smoothie too, but I dont think Imma finish it right now.

10:00 – Some fruit

1:00 – Salad

3:00 – Fruit

6:30 – Veggie Chili with sweet potato fries!

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25 Aug

okay, starting today i really gotta go back to phase 1. no meat, no bread, not even wheat bread.  just veggies and fruit.  not even honey roasted nuts!

7:00- 50 minutes of accelerated pilates(i suck!)

9:00 – oatmeal with fresh strawberries

1:00 – strawberry smoothie

LOL, I was doing so good until 6:00pm.  Instead of just eating salad, I ended up eating half a turkey burger, some salmon, honey roasted nuts(ALOT OF IT), and  prolly some more stuff.

It is 12:40AM right now, and I am still freakin' full.  I'm doing cardio for 1.5 hours tomorrow.

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24 Aug

5:00 – Worked on shoulders then elliptical for 30 minutes

7:20 – A banana

8:45 – An egg white

10:00 – Mango and pear

12:00 – Southwestern salad from Trader Joes and some dried cranberries

3:00 – Dried Cranberries

5:00 – mangos

8:00 – lots of white bread with stuff at the Moroccan restaurant.

12:00 – Honey Roasted Peanuts(BAD!!)

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23 Aug

Man, I gained two pounds, and it was definitely from this week!!!  I can't get out of control, and eating those two cookies did not help yesterday.  I have a problem with moderation!!  GOTTA WORK ON IT!!

5:30 – Stairmaster for 30 minutes

6:45 – A banana and an apple

10:00 – peaches n cream oatmeal and an egg white

11:30 – Ran for 20 minutes and cardio class for 30 minutes

1:30 – Watermelon and grapes, mixed nuts

4:10 – Veggie Chili

Geez, I did so good until I had to order food at hukilau.  Tofu salad did not sound good…so this is what I had

3 spam musubis(didn't each much of the rice), 2 small pieces of ahi poke.  I ordered a loco moco, and ate most of the patty.  Now I feel like I need to barf, because I keep on burping up gravy.  ICK!

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