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Rough but short week ahead

30 Jun

aah, i hate the fact that i'm flying out tonight.  the next two weeks will definitely not be good for eating more "health conscience", because i will be traveling a lot, and won't have access to the good foods.  when i come back, this is when i will be cleaning out my pantry. 🙂

6:30 – banana and an egg white.  i was suppose to eat the whole egg, but i'm was so used to just throwing out the egg yolk, that it comes natural to me now.

10:30 – gluten free cereal

11:30 – did uphill intervals for 30 minutes.  worked on biceps and shoulders, then walked for another 30 minutes

1:15 – kale salad with tomatoes, cranberries, and pomegranate dressing.  watermelon for dessert.

4:00 – tarmarind

6:30 – made steak salad for myself, and steak with red rice for tran.  i had a couple bits of the red rice.

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29 Jun

8:20 – 2 hard boiled eggs.  i got lazy to make an omelet.

9:30 to 10:30 – went to starbucks and got a sugar free vanilla, non-fat caramel machiatto.  before my nutrition class, i had a small snack..yogurt, cantelope, and strawberries

1:15 – spinach, romaine salad with kidney beans, eggs, celery, and corn.  topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegerette.  also had a small cup of veggie soup.  the killer was 2 blueberry muffins(small ones)

6:00 – kimmie's bbq – 1 small piece of korean beef, two turkey sliders, some bbq rib-eyed beef, pita chips and dip.  i think this meal was at least 600 calories.

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29 Jun

6:30 – 1 hard-boiled egg

7:00 – ran for 35 minutes then did yoga for 90 minutes

10:30 – i had some tamarind, yogurt and cantelope, and one tbsp of my mom's soup that tran was eating

1:30 – went to an engagement party.  let me sum up what i ate: pad thai, tocino, fried egg rolls(lumpia), flan, basil chicken, and some guava cake.  i think i had like 8 small egg rolls, which is sorta overboard, but they were spread out between 1:30 and 10 pm.  so i didn't totally stuff myself.  NO ALCOHOL TOO….

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27 Jun

6:10 – took linda's advice and made myself an spinach omelet.  it was with one egg.

8:00 – last day for my nonfat sugar free caramel machiatto.

10:00 – puffins cereal(gluten-free)

1:00 – went to athena grill.  i ordered an athena salad with chicken breast.  salad contained romaine lettuce, tomatoes, some feta cheese, and cucumbers.

4:00 – munched on tamarind

7:00 – went to tran's parents house.  had 1 cup of rice noodles with stir fried beef tomatoes and celery.

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i can just feel the weekend coming…

26 Jun

i woke up this morning, but my body felt really tired, so i decided to rest this morning.  i should do some sort of cardio today.

6:00 – 1 hard-boiled egg and a banana.  i also had coffee with nonfat milk

9:20 – another hard-boiled egg

11:30 – went to sweet tomatoes, and i was soooooooooooo GOOD! LOL.  i had a spinach salad with kidney beans, garbanzo beans, corn, a little bit of beets, and some cucumbers.  i topped it off with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  then i had a cup of vegetable soup.  i didn't have bread, or the wonderful blueberry muffins.  **SIGH**.

2:00 – Fuji apple

3:00 – strawberries and some tamarind

6:00 – i did 2 set of 8 SELF strengthening exercises.  then sean and i ran the long route(close to 4 miles).  it was a good workout

8:00 – i made chicken curry with spinach and carrots last night.  the boys had it with rice, while i just wrapped the chicken in a brown rice tortilla.  then i caved and had some of my grandma's dessert.  it was definitely not gluten free(made of sweet rice), and definitely high in sugar.  *SIGH*

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sle – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25 Jun

6:45 – BANANA and egg white, and half a cup of coffee with non fat milk and some sugar free vanilla

9:30 – my gluten-free cinnamon cereal

11:30 – worked on triceps and back for 25 minutes, then did intervals on the bike for 30 minutes

1:00 – trader joe's southwestern salad which included romaine lettuce, corn, black beans, and bell peppers.  i had some cantelope and strawberries

1:35 – aaah, i caved and had 5 pretzels!!  sooo bad, i think it's because my lunch wasn't completely satisfying.

4:30 – tamarind

7:30 – i stir-fried beef, chicken, ong choy, brocolli, and tofu (marinated in grapeseed oil and tamari soy sauce) for dinner.  tran had it with rice, while i wrapped my two nori sheets with the veggies and tofu.

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sle – Tuesday, June 24, 2008

24 Jun

6:00 – banana and an egg white.  half of my soy chai tea latte

8:30 – 1/2 cup of puffins cinnamon cereal(gluten-free) with non-fat milk

12:00 – brown rice sushi.  i had a tiny bit of gluten because of the soy-sauce.  i'm not sure if anything else contained gluten in it.  dessert was grapes

5:00 – a few pieces of tamarind and cantelope

5:30 – worked on 8 SELF strengthening exercises.  then i went running with sean.  the usually 3 miles

8:00 – had a steak salad. i probably had 3.5 oz of steak marinated with TAMARI soy sauce(HAHA), A1, and Worcester sauce.  i also cooked it in grapeseed oil, which is supposed to be used for high heat.  the salad consisted of romaine lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes.  a little bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top.

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