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Broke double digits!!

31 Aug

7:00 – jan texted me last night saying pepe and shelly were sick, so she couldn't run this morning.  i ate a whole lot of food last night, and we gonna be bbqing later…so i had to run!!  i ran 10.02 miles in 1:48.  WOO HOO!  knees are sorta numb, but i did it.  it felt great!  hmm…if i want to stay within 2 hours, i think i might have to speed it up a bit.  i was averaging 2 minutes and 40 seconds a quarter mile.  i can go faster, but i'll get tired easily.  we'll see…

9:10 – 2 white eggs

10:00 – tall coffee

12:15 – fruit lather and shrimp louie salad from trader joe's

3:00 – went to jan's for a bbq.  had cajun rice with steak, some ribs, watermelon, and flan.  my stomach was not feeling well, and i left with an empty stomach!  ouch!

9:30 – a couple bites of tran's soup.

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sle – Saturday, August 30, 2008

30 Aug

7:00 – went to golds and worked on shoulders for 30 minutes.  then i had my hot yoga class.  it was great!

10:40 – 1 whole egg and 1 egg white

1:00 – sushi o sushi, frozo yogurt….nuff said!

7:00 – boy…im eating all the good stuff today.  tran and i went to SR and tried pizza antica.  it was yummy.  i almost ate a whole personal pizza to myself, but i left one slice.  we had tomatoes drizzled with evoo, vinegarette, and basil, and topped with fresh mozerrella!  YUMMY.  then we ordered two small pizzas.  i had the mozerella with basil and tomatoes.  this place is yummy.  reminds me of italy!!!

9:30 – another starbucks

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29 Aug

7:30 – gluten free waffle

9:30 – kale chips

11:30 – turkey sandwich from california sourdough…YUMMY!  3 weeks in a row, how lucky am i?lol

6:30 – bun thit nuong…yes a little bit more rice noodles

8:00 – leftover flan

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Time to par-taaaay!!

28 Aug

lol.   im happy it's my friday and i can lounge tomorrow and do nothing!!

7:30 – half a banana, coffee and a multigran roll.

10:30 – fruit lather…these are addicting.

12:30 – kale salad and half a donut.  yes i couldn't resist.  i was getting bored and needed a sugar high.  had some almonds too.

5 to 9 – ate lots of toscino, a little bit of adobe, and a little bit of brown rice.  lots of flan too.  then had vodka.

THE START OF MY LONG WEEKEND BINGE!  next week will be a good week!  i promise!

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sle – Wednesday, August 27, 2008

27 Aug

7:00 – i went to gold's and worked on triceps.  then i biked for 30 minutes

9:00 – coffee, apples, and nectarines

11:30 – went to amarin thai.  i had 3 fish cakes(hahah) and half of my fried brown rice.  it was good, but i feel sick now!

5:00 – honey roasted peanuts

8:00 – ran around the neighborhood.  had my fastest time for this route.  2.97 miles at 28:16.

8:30 – whey protein/green powder smoothie

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sle – Tuesday, August 26, 2008

26 Aug

i weighed myself today, and im 2lbs lighter than sunday, even though i ate a bunch of crap!!!  hahahaha!  WOO HOO!  i'm at my happy weight!

7:30 – coffee and spinach/tomato omelet

10:00 – banana

11:30 – ran outside with my coworker for 3.83 miles.  it was getting HOT!  then i worked on back for a bit.

12:30 – kale salad with cranberries and strawberries…

1:45 – soy chips and fiber fruit lather..finally they have it at tj's!

7:30 – salmon smothered in tomatoes and onions.  steamed broccoli and carrots

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sle – Monday, August 25, 2008 7:56:03 AM

25 Aug

6:30 – banana and coffee

9:30 – 1 hard boiled egg

11:30 – some almonds right before my half-ass workout.  phung couldn't do much because her ankle is bothering her, so i ended up just working on biceps.

1:15 – southwestern salad from tj's and some fruit.

2:30 – some more almonds

6:30 – a drumstick that tran cooked up, some sweet potato fries, and my smoothie

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